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Wedding Card by Religion

A wedding is celebration of a woman and a man getting together forever in holy matrimony. This religious act which unites a couple in marriage, marking the starting of their life together, is celebrated with friends and family usually. 

When planning for wedding, it is vital to remember religious background of the groom and bride both. As sending out religious and ethnic wedding invitations lets the recipients know how that couple plans to begin the new phase of their life together. 

When looking for religious and ethnic wedding cards, there are lots of templates available on The Wedding Cards Online to guide you during selecting the right layout and style for your wedding. Some ideas that you may wish to include in your Indian wedding cards are: 

Religious Symbol – Ganesha, Christian cross, Fish symbol 
Heritage - unity candle, family crest
Biblical Verse - meaningful quotes from bible, favorite Psalm

Including engagement photo of couple on front of wedding invitation is next common addition beyond standard date, location, and time. This offers childhood friends and distant relatives’ likelihood to see what couple looks like at present. The religious and ethnic wedding invitations offered by us serve not just as an invitation to your guests for your special day, but as a memento from your day packed with memories and love.

Nothing can make people feel more valued and respected than a humble word enclosed in personalized cards. The Indian wedding invitation cards by religion offered by us with timeless appeal and beauty come to you within a collection of exclusive, cheap and ethnic invitations for each event of your wedding.  Most of the cards in this section are elite Designer wedding cards by religion specially designed and totally customized to suit your individual requirements and need as in color, designs, size, and pattern.

We offer different types of invitations including Hindu wedding cards, Muslim, Wedding Cards, Christian wedding cards, and Sikh wedding cards. Browse our extensive range of cards and choose your best one.

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