Should Know These Best Wedding Invitation Tips

Should Know These Best Wedding Invitation Tips

Your wedding invitation first looks at your wedding style. Choose a wedding invite that reflects you and your creativity. Announce your big news by sending out your guest’s invite papers. Choosing the right invite is important as choosing your MR. or MRS. which invitation design did you have to choose to invite your guests? Whatever you choose, just remember it includes all the important details of your wedding ceremony day. Your big day is incomplete without inviting your guests through invitation cards. While choosing a wedding invite an important factor is kept in your mind is your wedding theme. Make your wedding ceremony more unique by choosing a right and unique wedding invite for your guests. You need to know everything to order, seal and deliver your wedding invite. Did you know where to begin?

We’ve mentioned everything that you should know about your wedding invitation.

Define your wedding theme

Choosing a wedding invite according to the wedding theme is a great way to choose the right invitation. Before you start shopping for your invite, just think about your wedding theme. If you’re doing a traditional wedding then you should choose a traditional invitation to invite your guests. What if you’re doing a Sikh wedding and have chosen a Hindu wedding card. So, pick a wedding invite that matches the theme of your wedding ceremony.

Think about wedding colors

You should think about your wedding colors too. Choose the color of your wedding invitation according to your wedding style. Many couples who plan beach wedding go with a light shade of wedding invite or couples who plan traditional weddings, they go with a dark or bright shade of wedding invites. You can brighten up your invites with metallic or colorful fonts, envelopes, paper stocks, and liners. Don’t forget the readability, while choosing your wedding invite color. Avoid dark shade of fonts with dark backgrounds and light shade of fonts with a light shade of backgrounds. Many couples choose their invitation colors according to their wedding venue decor and outfits color.

Shape and size

There is no particular standard size for wedding invitations. The size of the invitations depends on the shape of the wedding invite. Whatever design or shape you choose for your invite, just remember you have to fit it within one of three standard announcements-sized envelopes. When you go for ordering your wedding invitations, you’ll find rectangular, bracket, ticket, square, rounded, heart, scalloped, tag and circle shapes of wedding invitations. Every shape of invitation has their standard sizes. So, you just need to choose a shape not size, it will be picked along the shape of the card.

Are they legible?

Don’t forget about the text, as you consider the patterns and colors of the wedding invitations. The information that you have mentioned in your card is key to your wedding card. Just ditch the light ink on the lighter shade of background and dark ink on the darker shade of the background. Avoid yellow and pastel colors to read if you’ve chosen a light shade for your invitation background. Make your invite reading easy by choosing opposite colors for fonts and backgrounds. As readability of your invite depends on your color choice.

Wisely choose your words

You should be careful while wording your invitation. According to the rules, the name of the host should be mentioned first on the invitation. Double-check your spellings, many couples spell incorrectly their wedding invites. So, spell everything out when wording your main wedding stationery. Check out the wedding date and time again to avoid the issues of incorrect date and time. Make sure you’ve included every important information in your wedding invite that is useful to your guests.

Don’t overdo

Add only the key points on your invite. Avoid those long lines and words that make invitation wordings boring. Include only ceremony date, time, wedding venue location, hostname, you and your fiance’s name, RSVP and dress code information. If you crowd with the wording on your invitation, it makes harder to read and understand. Overdo will not look as elegant. Don’t use that confusing language in your invitation that makes reading hard.

Dates should be straight

Include RSVP information on the right bottom corner of your Indian wedding invitations and add the deadline not more than two or three weeks after they receive your invitations. Ask your caterer first when they want final headcount, then decide your RSVP date according to them. Make sure you’ve added the deadline of RSVP cards in your wedding invite. If your guests are giving you a reply later then it will be bad for your wedding preparations. So, make sure they replied to your RSVP card soon.


The price per invite can be very expensive. It depends on the ink, design, typeface, paper quality, printing process, and quantity of your wedding cards. Order in bulk that will less costly for you. Paper lines, formal printing, color ink, and custom design’s costs included in your wedding invite but if you’re choosing extra decorative such as multi enclosure and envelope liners, it will cost extra. That’s why it is important to shop around and research for your favorite design and prints, so you can pick your priorities in your budget. The best way to save money on invitations is buying simple and cheap invites then go with customization, it’s an inexpensive and unique way to surprise your guests.

Check the proof

Before the invites go for print your stationery will give you proof, check it carefully. Readout all the things and check spellings, location, date, ceremonies, and others that you’ve added in your wedding invitation.

Order extra

It’s expensive to go and print again. Order invitations according to your guest list, plus 25 extra invites in case you forget some guests to add in your list or need to resend an invite.

Put a stamp on it

Include stamped envelopes, if you want your guests to reply to your invitation. That’s the way your guests don’t have to pay for the postage. You can also customizable stamps to coordinate with your wedding invitation design.

These are the tips that you should know before ordering your wedding invites. So, which design you’ve chosen for your wedding invite? Keep in touch with us to get more tips and ideas.

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