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Five Creative Ideas for Wedding Themes

A Wedding is not just about decorations and scroll wedding cards. It is actually about the happiness which flows in the air when the couple holds hands and swear to spend the life together. The wedding is like a magical event in which a prince (The Groom) and a queen (the Bride) are going out for a ride on a fairyland.

Something which adorns the celebration is the right choice of the wedding theme. It matters a lot as it increases the magnificence of the event. But sometimes choosing a wedding theme can turn out to be confusing. If you are not certain about your theme then take a look at these creative wedding theme ideas:

Here are some ideas for perfect wedding theme

  1. Traditional Theme

In this modern world, traditional culture is going out of trend. People are moving to the new ways of doing things. But still, traditional things are on top as people love classic methods. Traditional weddings include all the traditional rituals and customs. Everything works according to the traditions. The colors of the venue and other decorations are kept according to the traditions too.

Wedding cards

  1. Outdoors Theme

Normally weddings happen indoors, but nowadays outdoor weddings are trending. Outdoor wedding shows us nature and its elements to feel the earth more closely. You can choose a garden to organize this ceremony. The photographs taken at outdoor weddings are more beautiful than indoor weddings. All the natural colors make the wedding photo shoot tempting.

  1. Vintage Theme

The vintage fashion never becomes outdated. This classic wedding theme includes many old things and activities. You can decorate the place with the things which was used by your elders in the old times. Classic things make the surrounding vintage. Organize old school games to remember times when you were a kid.

  1. Fantasy Theme

To make the day momentous you shouldn’t ignore any dream of the couple. This theme will turn your wedding into a complete fantasy land. This theme is created according to a mutual affinity. It can be anything from a movie to a video-game. Are you and your partner a fan of a sci-fi movie? Then you can use the costumes and props from that movie.

  1. FlowersTheme

This theme can polish the beauty of the wedding. The multi-colored blossoms creates a magical view. The mixture of popping lights and flowers is a complete paradise for your eyes. Every part is covered with different types of florets. Garlands welcoming the guests on entrance are the best thing you can see. You can even offer them a rose to make their smile wider. Another thing you can do is that you can order Indian wedding cards with a floral fragrance. Your guests will that they are going to get a beautiful surprise at the wedding.

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