5 Ways To Ditch Your Wedding Planning Stress

5 Ways To Ditch Your Wedding Planning Stress

Deciding on the wedding invitation, meeting your in law’s demands, deciding on the outfits, and at the same time keeping you calm is a very difficult task. Couples easily take the stress from their wedding planning and it is perfectly normal. Wedding planning punch couples each and every day till their wedding. Stressing during the wedding planning time is common and it is acceptable. But don’t let the stress get to you, it may also spoil your enjoyment of the wedding ceremony. Save yourself from this stress by doing these 5 easy steps.


A healthy diet can make you healthy as well as helps you in reducing your stress. Healthy food can fight off stress in several ways. Start eating breakfast that includes protein regularly to get rid of stress. Include a bowl of oatmeal, walnuts, almonds, and pistachios into your diet. Also include foods into your diet that contains vitamin B that can help to reduce stress. Avoid eating junk foods, if you want to say goodbye to your unwanted stress. Start eating asparagus, avocados, cashews, berries, chamomile tea, chocolate, garlic, green tea, oranges, and oysters to fight off stress.


Unplug and spend time with yourself and your wedding thoughts. Unplug is a great way to reduce your wedding planning stress easily. It may be a little difficult for you to get some time between your wedding planning, but you should do this. Unplug yourself every day for 20 minutes to get rid of your wedding planning stress. No call, no TV, no friends, no planning, avoid all the things for 20minutes if you want to fight your stress. You can listen to some mediate and smooth music to feel more relaxed. Meditation is a great way to get rid of unwanted stress.


Yoga is also known to be a great antidote to stress. Turn on the yoga regularly to fight off with your wedding planning stress. Hatha yoga, pranayama, and savasana asanas are great to get control of your stress and relax the mind. Yoga will also make you fit according to your wedding outfits, so get it into your daily habits. It is one of the best stress management way out there.

Go on a date

Don’t you think that your partner also feeling stressed, then why not fight off stress together? Lack of giving time to partner is also a cause of stress. A simple way to get your stress out and have a personal moment before your wedding, just go on a date with your partner. Talk about your memories and upcoming wedding ceremonies.


If you’re under unwanted stress and feel bored then just go and have therapy. Seek help from your therapist and consider therapy to fight off your stress. One of the great and little expensive ways to say goodbye to your wedding planning stress that you’re carrying with you on your special day.The selection of Indian wedding cards or Indian wedding invitations can also help you to get rid of stress.

These are the 5 great and simple ways to fight off your stress. Feel free to ask any questions regarding your wedding ceremony.

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