Ideas To Make Your Wedding Day Unique And Creative

Ideas To Make Your Wedding Day Unique And Creative

A wedding day is one of the most beautiful and precious moments in one’s life. It’s a sign of love and decoration, presence of guests, rituals and ceremony theme means a lot for an Indian wedding. Girls have many dreams about her wedding ceremony, she wants everything to be beautiful and perfect from a wedding invitation to her Bidai.

Wedding invitations play a very important role in weddings. It is a big day for both the bride and groom. Everyone wants to make his\her wedding unique and creative. So we gathered some pack of ideas, which helps you in deciding what to do for making your wedding unique and creative.

Give the welcome bags to your lovings

Make your guests feel special and VIPs with welcoming bags having some gifts. You can add water bottles and snacks for your guests. Make them feel their importance in your life with some pretty gifts. First, try to choose a decorated bag that looks royal. That’s going to make your day more creative.

Add a memorable guest book

The guest book at the wedding gives a different royal and creative look. Now these days, people choose it mostly because of its results that look like stars in the wedding ceremony. Choose a beautiful and lovely wordings for a guest book. mainly, the guest book has loving messages and pictures of the couple on it. This makes difficult for a decorator to make a good guest list.

A video confessional booth

Fresh twist trend on a beautiful picture, rent a video booth where guests can record a lovely message and their blessings for the bride and the groom. Say to your photographer that edits the videos and saves the most loving one. You both can also leave a message for your family and friends. Make your wedding theme different from others, do not choose a similar one.

Can go with unique wedding dress

On your big day, all eyes will be on you so choose something which is not common. You can go with a western outfit with a traditional theme, which will look unique and creative style. Wearing different makes you differ from others.

Decorate with beautiful lighting

The right lighting makes your evening more beautiful, its a key reception taking place in the outdoor and evening. The light decoration is very creative for ceremonies, it gives a beautiful look to the venue. Most people go with this one option because it looks traditional and classic.

A perfect backdrop for pictures

Generally, people use this idea because of the selfie trend. It is a decorated place where people go for taking pictures. It is also known as the selfie point. A movie backdrop with a fun prop can be a perfect way for guests to capture pictures, bridal party and most fun-loving moments of the special day. The bride and groom can also together pose with fun props.

These are some ideas that help couples to choose some unique themes for their memorable day. Now the decision is yours, go with your choice only.

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