Essential Suggestions To Follow When Guests Do Not Send RSVPs

Essential Suggestions To Follow When Guests Do Not Send RSVPs

It can be a frustrating situation when your guests do not send RSVP or reply card you have sent with the wedding card. Since you have to give a final number of guests to the caterer and make a seating plan, unanswered RSVPs can put you in stress. However, you do not need to get worried about it. You should think about it in a different way. Maybe, some RSVPs have lost in the mail or got delayed or some guests have forgotten to reply. To deal with such circumstances, you can follow the below-mentioned suggestions.

When you do not receive RSVPs from some guests till due date, the first thing you will be doing is to make phone calls. However, you should not do this right after the deadline. You should wait for at least one week. After that, you can call them to know the reasons and their responses. For this, you can set a deadline for seven days before finalizing the number of invitees. However, you should avoid contacting them via email because your mails can end up in their spam folder which can lead to more frustration. While calling them, you can ask, “just calling to see if you are attending our wedding”. Thus, you will get the best response.

If your guests have forgotten to respond, you should set a deadline of about 24 to 72 hours to respond after calling. However, you should be polite during this. You should not say, “Please respond within 48 hours”. You can say like, “Please respond by Wednesday”. If their RSVPs do not arrive till the due date, you can say like, “Apologies for calling, but I called to see if you will be present at our nuptial ceremony”. Some of your guests might have told your parents or brother about whether they are coming or not. In this case, you should ask your parents and siblings about this.

Well, these are some suggestions to follow when some RSVPs do not arrive even if you have sent these along with wedding invitation cards. By following these suggestions and using your experience, you can avoid getting stressed.

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