Ideal Wedding Date as per Different Communities of India

Ideal Wedding Date as per Different Communities of India

“D-Day”, the day you begin the journey of togetherness with the love of your life is special in its own ways. But there are some couples that still like to go with the traditional rituals in coming up with a wedding date. Here we have discussed the different beliefs of different communities of India in deciding the ideal wedding date:

Hindu wedding

In a Hindu wedding, it’s the couple’s parent that discussed the auspicious date which is known as “Mahurat” with the priest. Based on the horoscope of the “to be bride” and “to be groom, the priest decides the auspicious date to conduct the wedding ceremony along with the time as well. Their calculation is believed to be backed by strong Vedic astrology knowledge. This is done to ensure that every function of the ceremony is conducted without any hampers and that bride and groom start this journey on the most auspicious date as per their horoscope.

Primarily it was believed that conducting a wedding ceremony also promotes the longevity of the marriage. There are many variations in beliefs but there are some popular months in which you can witness a lot of Hindu weddings. The auspicious wedding season commences from October and summons at December. Then it begins from mid-April and summons at May. Still, it is better to consider your priest and astrologers if you are a believer of all these traditions and rituals. So get ready to get some really good Indian wedding cards in these months.

Muslim Wedding

Every religion has its own beliefs. The good news is you can found some of their connotations in the wedding invitations as well. Like the most popular colour for Muslim Wedding Cards is green. Talking about the auspicious date, as per Islamic calendar, there are some days which are believed to be the days of mourning. They are the first month of Mohrram along with 8th of Rabbi-Al Awwal. They are believed to be the days of mourning and hence they are not considered religiously ideal for weddings. For the rest, you are all free.

Christian Wedding

As per the religious beliefs of Christianity, there are no strict rules for couples to get married on particular days or dates. Though there are some mentions of days which are advised to avoid for getting hitched. They include Easter, the period of Lent, Sundays before Christmas, and Good Friday as well. So, that’s a little know-how of how to choose the auspicious date for your Christian wedding. There are some don’ts when it comes to considering the auspicious dates but there are no such limits when it comes to choosing designs for your Christian wedding Cards.

Sikh Wedding

There are no mentions of which are the auspicious days and dates as per Sikh beliefs. Hence as per the culture, it’s the elders in the family that decide the date of the wedding with the bride and the groom. There is no influence of any astrology in deciding the date for a Sikh wedding. Though get ready to see some antics in Sikh wedding cards.

So, how are you planning to get married, with some random dates or with these conventional schedules?

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