All about Hindu wedding invitations

All about Hindu wedding invitations

Hindu wedding invitations are the mark of hindu rituals running for more than 1000 years. These are the sign of eternal bonding and blessing from the guests. Before hands designed the wedding invitations, it was sent out with full emotions as every single invitation is created by themselves. These invitations have aesthetics vibes like a peacock feather or rice seeds, a symbol of love and prosperity. 

The cards are not just the words on paper; it shows the person’s mood sending out the card depicting the vibe of the matrimonial event. The cards are mainly giving out the vibes of the theme of the events’ event and style.

Gods and various religious symbols are merged in the card, which feels very aesthetic and gives out the rich textures that help gain the gods’ blessings. 

Indian wedding invitations have multiple and diverse features. Some of them are shown below-

  • Content of the wedding invitation

The invitation does not include straightforward, informative content. It is a combination of feelings and rituals serving the sense of homeliness. Therefore verses and short meaningful sentences are used to build the content for the wedding invitation. The wedding invitation cards are crucial as reading the card gives the idea about the kind of wedding going to happen. 

Various traditional words have to be used in the card content. There are both languages used in the card that is english and Hindi, but there are some words that have to be there in Hindi.

  • Symbols on the card-

Hindu wedding invitations have various gods and holy symbols on the card like the swastika, Ganesh, and om symbol, which give out very pure vibes from the cards. The bride and groom select the cards according to the vibe of the wedding hosted. The pictures look more appealing and also give the invitation a new definition. It has been seen that symbol on wedding invitations are more popular, and it is because of Hindu culture spreading day by day.

  • Methods to print-

There are lots of printing techniques available these days as technological advancement is going on. Budget is one of the central aspects of any wedding, and the wedding card takes a good portion of that budget; therefore, it is essential to choose the printing methods wisely. All the techniques give a different look to the invitation card; therefore, decide the menu and how it should look, and accordingly, the card will undergo the printing method.

  • Themes for invitation cards-

Nowadays, there are many themes on which the hindu wedding is done; therefore, the card design should be kept according to that, giving out the marriage idea. A theme wedding is a wedding based on any movie or any particular event following the hindu rituals. This is the current trend loved by all of us and also getting popular across the globe.

Cards add-on

  •  It is a creativity that can be implemented in the cards. There is an envelope containing a single piece of paper with the wedding invitation written on it. one can use multiple documents with different parts of information, or some sweet stories can be of good gestures. These cards are a little costly, but very eye-catching and looks elegant.
  • Paper selection

In the primitive era, the Hindu invitation uses to be on the leaves with the ink. The time has not changed much, and now the ink is put on the paper derived from the trees. The difference is the different quality of the paper coming from other trees, which also determines the card’s price. There are different types of papers that are used for Hindu wedding invitations

  1. velvet paper
  2. fabric sheet
  3. normal paper
  4. mat look sheet
  5. vellum paper
  6. metallic tint paper 
  7. silk paper

the general layout to write the hindu wedding invitation-

  • The host line is the very first part.
  • The second part is the request made or the invitation line
  • The third part contains the names of the people for whom the event is being hosted.
  • Introducing parents and grandparents are the most crucial part because, according to the rituals, these are the people whose blessings are making the wedding successful.
  • General information line about the venue and day and date of the event and any dress code information.
  • The one more trend that is the cute message from the kids inviting guests to say is beautiful.

A wedding invitation is one of the oldest rituals of India influencing the whole world. The card is filled with blessings and gives out very holistic vibes yet trendy, so the people of every age group love it. The card’s design should be proper as it will give out the first impression on your guest, which is very important.

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