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Note: Religious Symbols / logos can be change in any invite as per requirement

Muslim Wedding Card

Marriage is the most auspicious moment, offering a new way, new goals, new lifestyle and overall a new meaning to life. Different  communities celebrate marriages in their own special style, but some common aspects are followed everywhere. Choosing a perfect wedding invitation matching with the overall wedding theme and structure is one of those aspects. Same is there in Islamic religion as well, where people love to celebrate with all their relatives, family members, friends and other loved ones. Muslim wedding cards are the best mediums to let all guests know about the special day and invite them. We offer an extensive range of Muslim Indian wedding cards for every type of Islamic nuptial, including all the religious motifs and symbols.

Muslims follow several traditions and rituals according to their religion and it can be seen on their wedding invitations as well. There are several symbols, including the Star & Crescent, the name "Allah", green coloration, the Mosque, the Kaaba and many more, which are considered to be very significant in religious aspects. These symbols are considered as blessings from their god, so our Muslim wedding cards include these according to your requirements. We take proper care about including all the rituals followed throughout the marriage ceremony with detailed information. All the events in the ceremony, including Meher, Mehandi, Nikah and others take place in our invitation cards, allowing the guest to know everything about the ceremony.

Explore our complete range of Muslim wedding invitation cards and find the most suitable piece for you. You can order sample any time and also get customization completely according to your requirements. Browse our collection now.