Use Scroll Wedding Cards and celebrate the occasion like the royals

Use Scroll Wedding Cards and celebrate the occasion like the royals

Many times we see in movies that the Maharajas, Kings, and Sultans exchange written communications with each other through Scrolls. Some even name it as a Farman. Usually, these scrolls were invitation cards or any orders. We cannot ignore the fact that history repeats itself. Although the rule of the Rajas and the Sultans are over, the art of invitation has surfaced following the tradition and cultures of yesteryears.

One may not be a King or a Sultan but can always imitate the methods of invitations, and scroll wedding cards are gaining popularity day by day. Marriage is a solemn occasion, and people across the globe celebrate it with great pomp and show. However, no wedding is complete without guests and inviting them through cards to the occasion.

Make the marriage Royal

Everyone loves to start their conjugal life with great fanfare and pomp and show. All want to have some unique or classic touch in their marriage. Invitation cards are one of the mediums to reflect your taste and culture. There are many types of Indian Wedding Invitation Cards available in the market, but the scroll wedding cards are different.

Bring out the grandeur 

Apart from the decoration, dress, and food, people remember and even sometimes preserve the invitation cards if they are unique. The scroll wedding card reflects the grandeur of the occasion. It is time to give a royal touch to any family members’ wedding with the scroll invitation cards. Now, print your invitation message for the marriage on this type of card and invite guests with warm hearts.

The design 

Scroll wedding cards are a long paper that has scrolling poles at both ends. They are available in various colors and prints. Print the invitation message is printed on the inner side of the paper. Roll the card is and tie with a decorative fastener with the poles’ support. The length and the width of the scroll wedding card can be tailor-made to fit the contents.

Manufacturers use wood or alternative material to make the poles of the scroll wedding card and give various shapes to the pole-ends. Using fine quality paper for the scroll wedding card is popular. Many people use handmade paper or crepe paper for the purpose. Those who can afford more make the scroll wedding card out of silk or satin.

If the card is made from paper, the manufacturers paste it on some decorative sheet to enhance the looks and uniqueness. In general, the card’s overall thickness is 170 GSM, and the length is 8 inches. The width is also around 5 inches. However, one can change not only the length and the width of the scroll wedding card but also change the fabric or the paper.

Using them for the invitation

If you visit your invitees to invite them to attend the wedding ceremony of your near and dear ones, carrying the card and inviting them is not a problem. However, if you want to send the card through post or courier to people staying far off, then using a box to pack the scroll wedding card will be the right decision. Usually, manufacturers, who supply these scroll wedding cards, provide the box too for convenience.

The price & availability

The price of scroll wedding cards varies to a much extent. The price difference between each type of scroll wedding cards is due to the length & the width, the material used for the card, the quality of the card, and the color of the card. It is also dependant on the quality and the material of the scrolling poles, the material of the fastener, and the quality of the box. They can be as low as INR 18/- and can go up to INR 700 or more per card.

The more you pay for the scroll wedding card; the better will be the quality and the grandeur. These types of cards are available online and offline and one should always choose the most reputable supplier.


Make the wedding ceremony of your near and dear ones using the scroll wedding cards for the invitation. Give a royal touch to the marriage using them and bring out the grandeur with full pomp and show.

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