How to Choose the Ideal Font for an Indian Wedding Card?

How to Choose the Ideal Font for an Indian Wedding Card?

Indian weddings are nothing less than a series of extravagant events celebrating love and togetherness. Every element of it represents joy. When you are so considerate about every particular thing, have you given enough thought on your Indian wedding card? What’s the message you are going to write?

Indian Wedding Cards

Which type of font do you want to use?

Wedding cards are the first thing the guests get to know. It sets up the tone of t wedding you are going to have. The designs and the textures of the wedding card are chosen as per the mood and the style of the wedding. And so is its font.

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Something Very Elegant for the Classic Weddings

If the theme of your Indian wedding is traditional and classic, it’s very important that every element of it should reflect no different. This also includes the stationery for the wedding. You can ask for a pre-made template from your wedding card designer. It’s going to help you to know about different styles of elegant fonts used in Indian wedding cards. You can choose your pick and can even ask for some personal tweaks.

The best thing about elegant fonts is they have this uniqueness and simplicity along with powerful visual impact. This means that you have a whole lot of possibility to make your wedding cards as elegant and as unique as possible.

A Little Casual for Casual Weddings

Though there is nothing casual in Indian weddings, casual can be related to the destination where the wedding is organized, like for a beach wedding or a wedding at the resort where everyone keeps quite a casual vibe. The Indian wedding card should exhibit the same.

A Little Flair by Pairings

There are good chances that Indian wedding cards need more than a single type of font. Adorning the wedding invites with that single script scrawled all over makes it boring. That’s where the artistry of font pairings steps in. While choosing the font, there are few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Do not use so many fonts at the same time. It will look like the mess and there are good chances that it looks like one. You can use their size variants to get your message across which works the same.
  • There are good chances that as a person totally out of this domain, you may like two similar fonts and insist the designer to use the same. You may want to pair two fonts that look quite similar. This may look like a little clash of fonts on the card as fonts which look similar tend to compete for attention. You might need the assistance of the professional Indian wedding invitations designer.
  • While choosing the font for different messages always remember the order of the message. This means you have to be very considerate of the style, size, and scale of the font typeface. For example, the recipient’s eyes will be drawn automatically to the bold scripted message at the top before they are drawn to date and time written in petite fonts in the bottom.

Design all the way you want with your picked font for your Indian wedding card.

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