Some Creative & Unique DIY Wedding Décor Ideas

Some Creative & Unique DIY Wedding Décor Ideas

A wedding theme can be planned as beachside, rustic or wherever your imagination goes but the venue can only look good when it is decorated beautifully. Wedding decoration becomes the way of flaunting your richness, personality, and planning the event. If you are looking for a wedding planner then it can be a good idea, but if you want to plan your decoration extraordinarily unique then you must try DIY ideas. Using raw and cheap things, you will be able to explore your creativity and enlighten your venue and wedding décor with exclusive ideas. You won’t believe how these simple ideas and tiny things can turn your wedding venue into the center of attraction, in minimum budget.

Here are some creative ideas to décor your wedding

Invitation card décor

You can use multicolored stationery, ribbons, small square shape boxes, and baskets, get printouts of wedding details on the stationary and put it into the box and then tie it with ribbon, and add favors that are essential for your wedding and place it in a basket and then decorate it with ribbons and lashes. Your handmade wedding card would appear so classy and expensive.

Centerpieces décor


The basket can be decorated as centerpieces by adding natural local flowers and favors for the dining.

Ribbons and laces

Flowers tied with beautiful polka dot ribbons can hang on chairs for the reception and it could be used in centerpieces like bottles, mason jars, etc.

Candles, lamp, and lanterns

Using floating candles, you can décor your pool, your walkway or wedding aisle, and as centerpieces for the reception. Arrange lamps and lanterns as centerpieces and enlighten the romantic reception eve with a hue of love. Hanging lanterns are used to provide a rustic look, place a signboard with a hanging lantern and provide the details of venue, dinner, seating chart, it would give a rustic look.

Vases and jars

Décor vases and mason jars using ribbons and flowers with lovely fragrance or you can tie a note of seating detail along with it.

Sand and stones

In rustic and seaside weddings multi-colored stones are used to décor the dining, drink bar, and dessert bar for a nautical and old view.

Vintage books

Books can be decorated as centerpieces and you can also place it as a guest book for the reviews.

Craft paper

Using craft papers, you can make vintage bunting, fabulous fans to décor the upper side.

Sign décor

Wooden board

Painted wooden boards, wooden frames, old wooden doors, window frames are placed in the venue to give direction, detailed information about seating arrangements, menu, etc., and rustic look as well.

wedding signs

The bride and groom’s chair signs, 3D table numbers, etc. can be decorated as wedding signs.

Grab any of the ideas to present your creativity for your wedding venue to appear outstanding.

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