5 Interesting Themes to Infuse in Your Indian Wedding Card

So, the wedding bells are just around the corner and you are all working on sticking off everything from the checklist. From your designers to the caterers, from the venue to the music artists, you have chosen the best for everything. But have you given enough consideration to your wedding card too? Are you also going with same old designed wedding cards of the archaic times?

If no, Here is the List of 5 Interesting Ideas

  1. The Old School Fun of Comics in Your Indian Wedding Card

We all know how much every one of us was fond of comics in our childhood. If you still are a big fan of it, you can imbibe the same in your wedding card. The Indian wedding card inspired by the enticing pop art will is surely visually alluring. If you want to try something new, this is perfect. You can select one picture or can even portray your love story on your wedding card.

Indian Wedding Cards
Indian Wedding Cards
  1. The Indian Wedding Cards Filled With Illustrative Doodles

Doodles are loved by everyone. Not only they are visually compelling, but they also add a whole new flair of cheek creativity. You can showcase turning points of your love story through fun doodles on your wedding card. It’s quite interesting and engaging theme for an Indian wedding card portraying different stages of love and finally of tying the knot.

  1. Add the Filmy drama with Indian Wedding Cards Designed Like a Movie Poster

What? Yes, you read it right. If you too are a die heart fan of Bollywood drama, you can design your wedding card like a romantic movie poster. You can profess your favorite movie in your wedding. Also, we know how much you are going to love playing the hero-heroine while shooting for the poster.

  1. The Indian Wedding Cards All Designed Like a Restaurant Menu

If you too are a big fan of Hollywood romantic drama “The Vow”, this idea might compel you the most. The couple in the movie wrote their vows on the menu of their favorite restaurant. Influencing a lot by it, many couples prefer to design their wedding cards in form of a restaurant menu. It’s a complete spectacle feast and is quite quirky too. If you two are “die-heart” foodies or your love story too begins at a restaurant, you can choose this for your themed wedding card.

  1. Indian Wedding Cards Designed Like the Game Box

What, an Indian wedding card designed like a game box, is it even possible? Well yes, it is, your wedding cards can be designed as per the favorite board game of yours. They can even be used by the guests as the great past time activities. Apart from you, even they are going to treasure it. You need to seek a professional designer of Indian wedding cards as it’s going to need skills for graphic designing while aligning it with necessary information.

The quirky is the new favorite. Adopt any of these ideas for your wedding invites and let your guest just drool over them with a big “WOW”.

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