Best Tips To Plan Your Perfect Eco-friendly Wedding

Best Tips To Plan Your Perfect Eco-friendly Wedding

Weddings are a grand and large affair in India. Everyone has their own styles and preferences for celebrating the special day of their life. People are celebrating their wedding in many unique ways, as they want to set an example of their unique style wedding ceremony. Couples are choosing different styles of wedding ceremonies like cultural style weddings, backyard weddings, ballroom weddings, barn weddings, vintage weddings, rustic weddings, beach weddings, DIY weddings, destination weddings, urban weddings, traditional weddings, whimsical weddings, garden weddings and many other styles of weddings. They set a new example in the wedding styles world.

Are you looking for the most unique style for your wedding ceremony? You have come to the right place, we’ve got a great unique style for your wedding ceremony. Let’s set a unique tone with an environmental-friendly wedding. Protecting the environment is very important for a happy life, so your earth by hosting an earth-loving celebration. You’ll be delighted to know that there are many ways to do so. A few great tips for executing your eco-friendly wedding ceremony with perfection.

Start with Green wedding invitation

Wedding invitations are extremely expensive and after the wedding, they are thrown into dumpsters. People just use that expensive and stylish cards for watching the wedding date and venue address then why waste that much money on them. Set a green tone by inviting your friends and relatives with eco-friendly wedding invitations.

Sent the invites to your guests by getting them printed on handkerchiefs instead of printing wedding cards. Save paper and say hello to eco-friendly materials. Use silk or jute cloth your green invitation and these after one-two washes, the print will fadeaways and looks like regular handkerchiefs. You can also use handicraft mugs, t-shirts, and banana leaves for your green invitations.

Go local with decor

Use local or in-season flowers for decorating your wedding venue. Rent decor accessories to save your money. If you’re using artificial flowers for your wedding decoration then nothing will be better than this. That expensive decorations now has become common, so go with local flowers for making your wedding decor unique and also contributing to keeping safe your earth. Showcase planted blooms instead of cut flowers to add more green tone.

Ditch the waste generators

Another waste generators will be at your wedding day is plastic cups, disposable plates, glasses, tissues, or spending on expensive stylish linens, utensils and many more. Use banana leaves to serve food and steel tumblers for water. Minimize the paper waste and use cotton towels instead of tissues. Be eco-friendly and style your wedding in a unique greenway.

Rent reusable items

Add more extra green touch by renting elegant and non-disposable plates, linens, utensils and much more. Plastic items not supposed to be reused because they carry lots of bacteria. Use wood spoons and sandals for your green wedding ceremony.

Cut down on electricity

Get a romantic surrounding for your wedding evening. Cut down of electricity by lightning your wedding venue and dining tables with candles. Candles are the best substitute for electricity and also great decoration accessories. You can also use energy-efficient bulbs and lamps for reducing the use of electricity. Use handmade diyas for wedding decor and it will be greater if you DIY the candles at your home.

Set up a disposable system

Make extra efforts by working with your venue to set up a disposable system on your wedding that includes recycling containers for bottles and cans. Also set up a bin for biodegradable substances, including vegetables, fruits, plants, and food.

Recycle your wedding decor items

Let your arrangements live beyond the wedding ceremony by using them in your home or donating in organizations. You can donate them to a hospital, nursing home or shelter through organizations. Many poor people don’t have sources to make money, so give them a chance to start earning for their food and shelter by selling your wedding decor items.

Minimize the use of vehicles

Decrease the use of vehicles by providing transportation for your guests after the celebration. Arrange vans, buses, or trollers for minimizing the use of fuel and it is also safe for them.

Outfits and jewelry

Sustainable wedding outfits are gaining popularity now these days. Search sustainable designers and get your dream wedding can also, Cut down the consumption by wearing your mother’s wedding gown that will also look unique style or borrow your aunt’s jewelry to work. Why waste so much money on a dress that you will wear for only 4-5hours and then never look back to this again in whole life.

Donate leftovers

You also know that your food will be left and at last, you have to throw it. So speak with your caterer to make limited food according to the guest list. After this, if the food will left then donate it to poor people who can not afford their food. In this way, your food will not be wasted and some poor people will also bless you for giving them precious food.

Eco-friendly return gifts

Say bye to your guests with green gifts that look amazing. The return gifts should be thoughtful as you can be handed overseed balls to your guests that include neem trees, organic vegetables or fruits, and teak trees. Use the seed ball covers as instructing your guests on how to plant those seed balls.

The green touch seems also seen at many weddings of celebrity. Bollywood actors Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s wedding reception a year ago was also an eco-friendly event as all the tableware was biodegradable.

Actor Sonam Kapoor and businessman Anand Ahuja sent out e-invites to their guests.

Sapling with wedding invitation sent out by actor Anushka Sharma and Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli.

Show your love with earth by planning your eco-friendly wedding ceremony with these suggestions. Do our wording is useful for you? Tell us through your comments and share your suggestions with us. Keep in touch with us to stay updated with great ideas.

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