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Four Interesting Ideas for Wedding Decor with these Beautiful Props

All set with the designer Indian wedding cards, now the next thing is to decide with the wedding decor. After deciding the venue, the thing that worries many couples is the wedding decor. And if you’re someone who is planning to do in a budget, then too you can add affordable charms to your decor. Here we are discussing four interesting ideas for wedding decor with these beautiful props:

Candles to make the aura more ethereal

These lit beauties make everything more dreamy and romantic. If you’re someone who is not a big fan of “everything loud” and prefers dim settings for a wedding, then candles are one great option. People spend a lot on fancy candlelight dinner dates. Well, you can bring that charm in the budget with a wedding space decorated with several hundred and thousands of candles. These flickering candles when positioned outside form the perfect backdrop for romantic pictures. If your budget allows, you can go for scented candles or a place a few amidst the tea lights.

White string lights for a whimsical atmosphere

These string lights which are also known by the name “fairy lights” are one ideal way to brighten the whole space. The look absolutely lovely and make the whole place look nothing less than a land comes alive out of fairy tales. Moreover, they are perfectly ideal for outdoor venues of the wedding ceremonies. They even look lovely if you get a little playful and creative with them in indoor ceremonies. Everything looks a little more beautiful with these fairy lights. For evening functions, these string lights gave you all that you need for the picture-perfect wedding photos.

Hanging floral decorations to make the whole surrounding a little more alluring and fragrant

In Indian weddings, flowers have been used from archaic times. From the floral abstracts in Indian wedding cards to garlands used to decor mandap or floral centrepieces for the table, these blooms have been an integral part of weddings. But with hanging floral decorations, you can literally take your decor to top-notch. These floral decors are absolutely a vision to eyes and fit well with the whole wedding mood as well. You can fill the miniature pots with these floral blooms and let them hang in the entire venue.

Colourful cloth draping because you can’t enough colours

If you’re someone who is also tempted by colours, then this is the perfect solution for budget wedding decor. This is one effortless way to make your wedding venue all ascended with the op of colours. The good thing is that these fabrics, when bought in wholesale, are quite cheaper. Use the perfect colour contrast combinations and make the entire place look like a land from fairy legends. The best idea is to create a ceiling of colourful clothes. For this, you can start draping the cloth from the centre and move it outwards. Add string lights to it to nail the whole look.

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