5 Reasons to Choose an Arranged Marriage

5 Reasons to Choose an Arranged Marriage

The idea of Arrange marriage where Cupid is none other than your families is both scary and exciting. Probably figuring out your partner and everyone in their family, you already have decided on the design of your wedding card. The wedding is just around the corner and you are all cold feet of this big decisive step of your life. No worries here are few listed perks of arrange marriage that will help you calm down all your nerves:

Let’s Get to Know Better

Social Compatibility

Since it’s the parents that are the “wingman” in this relationship, they tend to love your partner probably more than you. They choose your bride or groom with the similar upbringing, socio-economic background, values, hence there are no possible chances of any disparity. Also, the parents are quite considerate that both of you share common beliefs and values so that you are compatible with this lifelong commitment.

As a result of marrying the person your parents choose you from, your partner tends to get that extra love and is pampered by all. So get ready to share everything including your parents too.

The Little Enchants of Unknown

You know each other but not completely. You will get to know about her lifelong dream theme of perfect Indian wedding while she discusses it all with your wedding planner. She gets to know how her partner loves the whole colour and texture with their approved Indian wedding card.

Unlike a love marriage, you will acquaint yourself with them on deeper levels every day which is quite exciting. Be ready for both shocks and surprises.

Be the Protagonist of Your Own Old School Romantic Movie

You have chosen to go for an arranged marriage. There are stronger chances that you too are an old soul. Arranged marriage is nothing less than an old romantic movie where love evolves in its own distinctive way. You have got “so many firsts” and you can easily see how this love blossoms with the passage of every day. The eyes say it all and the gestures speak a lot. You may not hear “I love you” primarily but believe us you will feel it every second.

You May Found Yourself While Learning a Lot About Your Partner in Arrange Marriage

Arrange marriages will not only unveil the several facts of your partner, but it’s also a journey of self-discovery too. You will be amazed to discover some unknown traits of you too. Like you may get surprised how much you treasure your Indian wedding card and you literally have got it framed out in your bedroom. The little compromises, the mutual understanding, the adjustments you love to do for him, arrange marriage will unfold several unknown traits of your personality. The things you probably hate about yourself turns out to be the things your partners love about you, so probably you will also start to cherish them.

A Lifelong Snuggler and Support System

In arrange marriages families also form the strong base in resolving conflicts and fight between you two. They leave no stone unturned to make you fall in love with each other. Your marriage is backed by a strong support system, your families.

Also during those petite fights with your in-laws, your partner has got your back. Balancing out both, your partner just makes you forget everything with those adored snuggles. We know you love it all.

Now don’t wait up here reading this anymore, go and give a “huge bear hug” to the partner your life has blessed you with.

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