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5 Important Lessons for a “Happy Marriage”

“Marriage doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”. Remember how you two were quite surprised at each other’s choice while selecting your Indian wedding card or how confused you were while deciding on the theme of your wedding. But you made it through because you have got your partner by your side. Life is nothing different. By your partner’s side, you can even ascend all the fun and thrill.

Here Are 5 Important Lessons For a Happy Marriage:

  1. Feelings are worthless unless expressed

No, we are not telling you to express your love throughout the day but a little every now and then won’t hurt anyone. A cute hug and kiss in the morning with the cheesiest “I love you” is the perfect beginning of the day. A kickass start with the love of your life every day and you are all set to conquer the world together.

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  1. Your partner cum best friend

You two have decided to embark on the journey of life together, right? In sickness and in health, during bliss and crisis, all through the up and down as well, in all possible situations life lands you in, isn’t it? So how about embarking this as best friends who happen to fall in love with each other? Having the back of your partner and shoulder of the best friend to cry upon, how exciting it would be that the back and the shoulder tend to be of one person, you partner who happens to be your best friend as well.

  1. Always cherish each other’s, inner child

If adultery is probably an option, most of the adults would love to not choose it ever. There is this cute little child in each one of us. On mature lesson to learn for a “happily ever after” is to embrace that innocent child in each other. The innocence of your partner ignites the spark in your relationship. Also, they look quite cute and ravishing at the same time and you just can’t help it drooling all over them.

You can even play some childish games which are fun and romantic as well. The hide and seek when he catches you or that little teasing during board games, just lose yourself to find that innocent love.

  1. A big NO to disrespecting each other and each other’s family

Fights are a part of every relationship; they tend to make it stronger. But you should keep your argument healthy. Never use the abusive body language or cuss language for each other. It only strengthens the fight while weakening your relationship.

Also, one important lesson to remember is to never disrespect each other’s family as well. You are important to each other and have promised to lead this life together. Your partner’s family is your family too. Take it that way and treat them the way you want your partner to treat your family.

  1. To understand each other enough to trust each other

Surely you all understand each other. You try to learn about each other in several ways. Be it about their favorite color while selecting the color of your wedding card or their favorite songs at your wedding ceremony. You will be familiarized with something new at every step of life. Try to perceive that and trust them. Trust becomes the core of any relationship. Don’t let anyone tell you anything else.

A couple should try to make to their relationship beautiful symphony of happy memories instead of imbibing perfect tunes.

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