5 Ideas for Planning Wedding on Valentine’s Day

5 Ideas for Planning Wedding on Valentine’s Day

For many true romantics, getting married on Valentines Day is nothing less than a dream. And if you’re following the dream and getting hitched on this special day, then you probably are the luckiest. But getting married on this special day, it requires a lot of planning. Because everything needs to be planned according to this theme. From the Indian wedding invitations to the wedding decor, from the wedding attires to the wedding menu, you need to add the charms of “valentines day” in every bit of it. Even if you’re not getting married on this special day, take a few ideas and we are pretty sure they look appealing.

1.Wedding invitations

The first and foremost thing that needs to be decided while planning the Valentines day inspired wedding is Indian wedding invitations. Make sure to choose some design and colour scheme that reflects the same. It was all about love but the level needs to be ascended as it is celebrated on this special day of love. Make sure to include some quotes related to love for your wedding cards.

2. Wedding attire

Well, red is the colour of love and you can probably see it everywhere for the day. So you can adopt it in your wedding attire as well. Go with the conventional red for your wedding attire as it looks absolutely amazing and goes well with the colour theme of Valentine’s day as well. Both of you can have it or go with some different colour with hints of red in it.

3. Venue

Another thing is to have the necessary setting for the day. So make sure to book the location to tie the knot. Make sure to pick something romantic or someplace that can be transformed into something romantic. Also, February is kind of cold month, so make sure the place is warm. With soft lighting, lush flowers, candles and other things, plan a romantic setting to tie the knot.

4. Flowers for the ceremony

There is nothing more romantic than flowers. So for your valentines day wedding decor, make sure to pick something which reflects the love at its best. Flowers like roses are a classic example of it. You can also go to tulips and daffodils.

5. Wedding menu

Another thing to be very considerate about is deciding about the menu for the valentine’s day wedding. Decide something which reflects the flair of romance like the heart-shaped puddings or classic champagne. Chocolate covered strawberries are also classic examples of “love food”. Desserts are the best sector where you can add the charms of romance.

So, these are some of the ideas that can help you in planning the wedding on valentine’s day. Don’t try to make it all perfect, just make sure that you have all the love and the blessings of your loved ones with the person beside you. And there no special days to celebrate love, the moment starts when you two are together.

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