Let’s talk about the 5 DON’TS of Online Wedding Invitations

Let’s talk about the 5 DON’TS of Online Wedding Invitations

You possibly have read many blogs suggesting you do this or that for your digital Indian wedding invitations. But, for this post, we have decided to share with you the things you don’t have to do for the E- Indian wedding invitations. You can consider these things while getting your E-wedding invites made. Don’t worry; these “don’ts” will not make you miss on anything but just stop from going overboard or committing anything wrong. So, here it goes:

1.Do not cast all focus on designs of wedding cards
Usually, all we do is to select the perfect designs, colour schemes, font, and size and colour and everything that appeals visually. We focus on these things so much that often the most important element- content is overlooked. So, don’t just have all the attention for the designs, give a good thought about the content of your digital Indian wedding invitations as well. You can start with a stupendous introduction or a heartfelt message for your guests. Let them fall in love with your E-invite in every possible aspect.

2. Do not go with different colour scheme
As we have mentioned in some of our blogs, that wedding cards give the sneak-peek of wedding theme and its mood and everything. So, how can you choose something different for your wedding invitations other than the combination that go along with your wedding decor? Don’t choose any different colour schemes or theme for your wedding cards. Let it be designed in the continuity of the affair.

3. Do not go with a particular format
One of the best things about digital wedding invitations is that you don’t have to follow or go along with any set format. You can be all playful when it comes to formatting your E-Indian wedding invites. Add what all you have in your heart – little messages for your guests, some beautiful shots of your love story, anything and everything. It’s an invitation to your loved ones to share the most beautiful day of your life, so they will totally be all “cool” with your not so conventional format.

4. Do not rush in adding so many different elements
The last thing you want is your wedding card look like a cluttered mess. Adding different elements is good but don’t rush in adding everything you like. For instance, do not go with more than two fonts for your E-invitation. Also, be very particular with the continuity. The main idea is to make it look appealing to guests, not making them all bewildered. So, do not go overboard with logos and designs. You can keep it simple. “Less is more”; so let the little elements you use say the thousands of words for them.

5. Do not mention the dress code
Yes, you don’t have to mention the dress code unless it is colour bounded which is very often. After attending so many weddings in line, the guests are pretty much aware of the mood of every wedding ceremony and dress accordingly. So, you don’t have to mention the dress code for every ceremony.

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