Romantic Ideas to Propose Your Girl For Marriage

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Memories are always special and mean a lot for everyone. Different type of events and occasions come with such memories to save and marriage is the most important among those. As the time passes, you think about the beautiful time when everything was started between both of you. You mention your story on your wedding card as well to let the guests and relative know about the beautiful relation. There are many exciting way to make these memories special.

People often ask about the day when it all started. People viciously look for the time and ask the couple about who went ahead? And how did he bend his knee? Not for all these questions, but for the sake of your girl, make sure you make the beginning of the journey memorable and we have some ideas for the same.

Find some beautiful ideas to propose your girl for marriage

Propose Your Girl at a Destination You Love


There is a place where you might have some lovely memories and a place which you two have a significance for. This place can be either a hotel rooftop or a serene place near a pretty jungle or a waterfall. Give your phone to a person near you and ask to take your picture, but as soon as she poses for the camera, bend your knee and ask her for her permission.



It has to be prearranged, so, go to a park or a cafe where you can find a caricaturist and make an arrangement. Then take the love of your life at that place and meet the caricaturist. Ask him to draw a sketch of you two. But what he really would be drawing is you asking your girl to marry her, and she responds “Yes”.


Think of a scenario when you wake up and turn to your favorite Radio station and your favorite RJ is asking you to marry your life partner, well this scenario can actually be true all you need to do is make some phone calls and ask the Radio Jockey to propose her in the exact words that you want. Make sure you are with your girl at the time to record her feelings in a camera which you can cherish later.

The Home Party


Plan a party, ask a lot of your friends to come along. Preparations need to be done. Get some helium balloons, get some T-Shirts Printed and a nice big cake. Ask all your friends wear a T-Shirt saying one letter of “Will You Marry Me?” And helium balloons with the name of your would-be-fiance, and as soon as she appears, make a surprise call and ask her to marry and give someone responsibility for the camera so that you can record the most precious moments of your life.

Place a Banner in front of her


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That is a bit different and we can call it a risky one as well, but it can be one with full of excitement. You can try placing a banner with your proposal message in front of her workplace or home. You can place the banner at a spot which is visible and readable by her easily. Consider the respect and dignity of your girl, use a special unique name(which you call her) instead of her real name.

Be a Little Dramatic


Well, this can also be a nice memory if you are capable of thinking unique and doing so. You can create a dramatic scenario for her and convey your message in exciting way. You can create a kidnapping, robbery, accident or something more shocking scene in a way to make her feel it like reality. You can set the climax with your proposal to make it shocking, dramatic, exciting and memorable for lifetime.

As soon as your would-be-fiance turns in to your would-be-wife start looking to buy wedding cards online as the journey has just begun and you have a long way to go.

Rahul Jindal is the CEO of The Wedding Cards Online that sells Indian Wedding Cards & Invitations. He believes in sharing creative ideas for the couples to make their day memorable.