10 Things You Should Know Before Ordering Wedding Invitations

10 Things You Should Know Before Ordering Wedding Invitations

There’s no turning back once you have made a decision. Your wedding day is the most important day of your life & your wedding card will set the tone for it. It will ensure that your visitors are excited to be a part of the celebration. So, here are the ten most crucial things that you must consider before ordering your wedding invites –

  1. Think Better – Did you try to envision your big day? Whether it’s a black-tie reception or a gorgeous day wedding? Will it be a private affair or a great grand celebration? Write down a list of things that you think of when you imagine your big day. This list will help you in narrowing down the best card for your wedding. 
  2. A Theme Party  – Are you planning a traditional wedding or you want to try a destination wedding? Do you want to do a theme reception party with cool monograms? Well, if it is so then these ideas should be included in your final design. 
  3. Number of invites – Well, this is a very important factor. You need to understand that the actual number of cards you may need will be less than the number of guests you are going to invite. As some cards, will cover the entire family. For instance, if you have to invite a couple with kids, then only one card will be used. So, for example, if it’s a 200 people gathering then maybe you’ll just need 120 cards. 
  4. Relevant stationary pieces – Would you want to attach something like a short note to help people with directions? Or maybe you want to customize the whole invite for your guests, if it’s a private wedding. You can even consider adding ribbons, envelope liners, etc. 
  5. Colours – You should really think a lot before deciding the final colour of your wedding card and of course of the fonts to be used on it. You want it to be different but the clarity is also important, so think twice before picking one. 
  6. Plan your budget – It is very important to be clear about your budget with your card planner. You need to discuss about the entire cost – printing, customization fee and shipping charges, etc before making a final pick. Try hard to find an invite that you will adore but it should also fit in your financial zone. 
  7. Who is the host? It is very important that the cards should be expressing the feeling of the one who is issuing them. The words should be framed with great care to avoid any sort of hard feelings and embarrassments. 
  8. Method of printing – You need to understand that there are a variety of printing methods that are being used these days. You must make an appointment or request for samples of different printing methods so that you can choose the most appropriate style for your wedding card. 
  9. Think of the pattern – Of course, the patterns! Whether you are into floral, geometrical or in to boxes or anything else, you need to think about it. You must check out different patterns in different colors as samples first because once you have made a pick, there’s no going back. 
  10. It’s your choice! – Yeah, this is the last and most important factor that you should never fail to forget while shopping for your wedding card. Of course, there must be many friends, relatives, wedding planners, etc who will try to suggest what they think is good for you. But, always remember that it is your wedding day and the choice is totally yours. Learn to say no to the suggestions you hate & defend your choices.

So, have you already picked up the date for your big day celebration? If yes, then the time is too little and the options are countless. Therefore, it is important to take some time off your busy schedule to pick a wedding card. It’s not just a paper that you need to invite your guests, it is the most important memory of the biggest day of your life. So, you must carefully study and follow the above mentioned things before placing an order for your wedding card. Hope, these points will help you in finding the best wedding card, ever!

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