Invitation Manuhar – Indian Wedding Cards

Invitation Manuhar – Indian Wedding Cards

Indian weddings are not only famous for the different grand functions that happen during the wedding while the manhuar of guests in an Indian wedding function is also famous all around the world. Manuhar is the way to make someone feel special by taking care of them or by giving them special attention. Whether the family in which the wedding is going to happen is rich or middle class or poor everyone does manuhar of their guests in their way. The families start manuhar of their guests from the first day of the wedding that is with card distribution.

The card invitation manuhar is done in different – different ways by the different – different families according to their tradition. The manuhar of the Indian Weddings starts with the distribution of cards. The manuhar of guests starts with cards and many families send gifts with these cards as present and request them to come and attend the marriage and bless the new couple with their blessings. The family where the marriage is going to happen has many choices as present to give like a box of chocolates or a box of dry fruits or a box of sweets or an idol of god or any other antique showcase or showpiece.

The invitation card along with gift is offered to guests by the families where the wedding is going to take place and invite them to come and attend the marriage. It is not necessary that every family where the wedding is going to take place gives a present with the card. This is optional and it is not necessary for every family to present their guest along with the wedding invitation card. The presents also vary according to a different – different religion or their status.

The family distributes the card to the guests by themselves if they live at a nearby location or if they live at any distance location then the family courier or postcard to their guests. The Invitation manuhar is the first, basic and most important step of starting the wedding. You might hear an idiom that is “If start is good then afterward everything good happens”. So to make beginning awesome the family where the wedding is going to take place selects the best card along with the best present to start a good beginning. In Indian Wedding, in every different – different religion the Invitation card is not only a ritual but means more than that.

Indian wedding cards have been a compulsory segment of any marriage ceremony for thousands of years, but their patterns, designs, themes, and styles are modernized regularly. Comping towards the digitization of invitation cards, online & digital invitations are also in trend nowadays. But, the emotions and motives behind sending invitations are still the same as traditional style cards. So, we can say that time & technologies change, but the basic concept behind sending Indian wedding cards, i.e. Manuhar stays there.

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