What to Expect at an Indian Wedding

A lot of people go crazy when they get to see the rituals and the procession of an Indian Wedding. From the traditional Indian Wedding Cards to the Vidai. Every Part of an Indian wedding is amazing to watch and follow. When people from other countries are invited to an Indian wedding they are often confused about what to wear, or what to look out for in an Indian Wedding ceremony.Indian wedding is the most luxurious wedding in the word. There is a different kind of rituals and customs are celebrated in an Indian wedding once the Indian Wedding invitations are distibuted.

Indian Wedding
Indian Wedding

Every wedding function is grand and lavish, whole wedding process takes four and five days of celebration and months of planning. Indian wedding is divided into various parts like haldi, mehndi, sangeet, and wedding ceremony. Every ritual has its own uniqueness and beauty. For Example, haldi function is celebrated to increase the beauty of bride and groom, Mehndi function is organized to enhance the love between bride and groom. every ritual contains lots of love and pampering for bride and groom.So below are some tips for you to attend an Indian Wedding and shine in there as a star.

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Indian Weddings are bright and scintillating, everyone over their will wears vibrant colors and one should not think twice before picking some bold colors. There is a wide range of clothing to wear, from well tucked three-piece suits to a well-groomed Sherwani. Girls have even a wider range, where they can wear a one-piece suit, or a Saree or a lehenga would look amazing. If not they can even wear a tone dress with a Shawl and some heavy jewelry would look amazing.


Indian weddings usually last for entire three days at least. So if you are thinking of attending the complete wedding, you need to work everything out accordingly. From the first day where people start by worshiping Lord Ganesh and some earthen jars. That is celebrated by procession. Then the next day there are many rituals, two of the most important rituals are Mehandi and Ladies Sangeet. When family members gather and collectively put Heena on the bride’s hands. And later that night all the ladies from the family gather and sings folklore and songs for the entertainment purpose.

The last day or the D-Day includes Haldi where turmeric is put on the bride and grooms body for a fairer looking skin and then the last is the wedding ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony

The D-day has all kinds of surprises, debates, extortion and many more sentiments within one day. The D-day starts with an amazing Procession with all the family members from the groom’s side come dancing on the beats of latest Bollywood music and some Bhangra. When they arrive they are treated and extorted by the sisters of the bride and they ask money to enter the door. Then a lot of rituals and Pooja takes place at the door. Then the bride and groom put garland around each other’s neck. Then the two wait for the photo session when all the guests come and greet the two and give their gifts to the couple and at last, they go and sit for Phere where they take 7 vows to stay with each other until death parts them.

There are a lot of more things to do as tasting different delicacies from different states and a lot more to experience. So wear the best you can find and jump in.

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