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Catering Tips for Indian Weddings in This Summer

You probably have read a lot of hacks over wedding invitations, tips to look good on your wedding, ideas for bridal outfits and whatnot. Just to have a perfect wedding, we do everything but have you given enough attention to the most “anticipated element of Indian wedding” – FOOD? Believe it or not, it is very substantial and people look forward to it for most of the times.

So for this post, we bring you the catering tips for your Indian wedding for this summer. These tips will help you in choosing the right menu and choosing the best ways in which you can serve these delicacies to your guests. So, let’s get started:

  • Appetizing starters

Indian weddings are all about food. Yes, it is one thing that all of us love at every Indian wedding. So why not welcome your guests for your summer wedding with splendid starters. Everybody will totally drool over some light and savoury snacks like Pani patashi, samosa, idli dosa, paneer tikka, kebabs, etc. Believe us the list is never-ending as we have got the speciality of every state as well we are excelling in tweaking other cuisines with Indian flavours as well.

The pro tip is like you use fancy envelope liners for accentuating your Indian wedding cards, you can use some pretty looking kiosks even quirky designed cars and food trucks to present them in front of your guests. What’s an Indian wedding without whole tweaks and twists?

  • Beverages to the rescue

Summers are “extreme” in India. So if you don’t want your guests’ brain top gets roast up in the summer heat, calm their nerves down with cool beverages. The good thing is that you have got it in both-alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic categories.

From nimbu-pani to watermelon punch, from soft drinks to wine, from fruit juices to Mocktails, you have got a whole deck of variety in beverages. Obviously, the presentation here is important as well. From classic shots to fancy bottles, serve your guests their favourite drink.

  • Sumptuous meals for the main course

The meals for the main course are very substantial and hence you need to pay attention to every detail. You can stick to one cuisine or even have the best delicacies of multiple cuisines. Though there is an extensive range of gourmet meals in Indian cuisine too, your choices are simply based on your likings and budget. Make sure you have a set buffet along with necessary sitting arrangements.

  • Delectable desserts

Every meal is incomplete without desserts. And when it comes to Indian weddings, it is the most anticipated part of the menu. From kids to the oldies, everyone here has a sweet tooth. And apart from their rich sweet flavours, if you present them in an attractive manner, then they become no less than mouth-watering.

From traditional Indian sweets to contemporary desserts like puddings and cakes and mousse, you can have a lot of options to go for. Most popular as desserts in Indian weddings among Indian sweets are Gulab Jamun, Moong dal ka halwa, ras malai, shahi tukda, etc.

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  1. Vinod Kumar Vinod Kumar June 21, 2019

    Nice post!
    This post is fully knowledgeable for us, in this post we take catering tips for weddings that are very useful.

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