Best Ideas For Whatsapp Wedding Invitation

Best Ideas For Whatsapp Wedding Invitation

Whatsapp wedding invitations are now slowly becoming popular in the invitations world. This is one of the best to save your money and time. While paper invitations are the most used medium to invite your guests, e-invites are have gained their own importance. Wedding invitations are not just a new and creative way also a new level of creativity that delivered directly to your guests Whatsapp inbox. It is also a good way to conserve paper. Digital invitations are a unique creative canvas, where one can experiment with different colors, designs, elements, themes, and even the mode. These types of invitations are most convenient and eco-friendly. Only one invitation card needs to be designed which can be personalized when sending it to the guest list. Save costly paper invites and postage fees! We’ve listed some best creative ideas of the WhatsApp wedding invitation according to your choice that you can try at your own wedding.

1 Doodle WhatsApp wedding invitation

Your relatives and friends will simply love the catchy doodles and vibrant colors as you share all the details of your wedding. Send this animated ecard and e-invite easily through your WhatsApp. You can give it a creative look according to your personal choice.

2 WhatsApp wedding invitation with the video

Create your traditional invitation video, choose a video template and details about your wedding like Bride Name, Groom name, parents name, wedding date, time, wedding function, pre-wedding function, and reception details. Send it by WhatsApp, facebook, mail or messenger.

3 WhatsApp wedding invitation with a photoshoot

Some text as a wedding invitation message with a photo of you and your partner on WhatsApp is the classic and easiest to make your WhatsApp wedding invitation card. Make a creative wedding invitation by giving an extra unique touch with your photoshoot pictures.

4 Funny WhatsApp wedding invitation

Planning a wedding invitation to WhatsApp for your friends? Choose something different for your loving friends and make them feel special by sending unique funny wedding invitations.

5 WhatsApp wedding invitation in Indian classic style

You can send classic traditional designs in the themes of your wedding as a WhatsApp wedding invitation. Give your Whatsapp wedding invitation look of Indian classic traditional look.

6 Whatsapp wedding invitation for your destination wedding

Are you planning a destination wedding? Then you need a WhatsApp invitation message that informs all your guests about your destination wedding location. You can show a design of a map on your WhatsApp wedding text that suggests about your wedding location.

7 Bollywood style WhatsApp wedding invitation

Are dreamed of Bollywood style wedding? Well here’s you have the chance to be on your movie poster. Be a filmy style couple and design your filmy style wedding invitation card.

Here are some unique ideas about the WhatsApp wedding invitation that will make your wedding more special. Use these suggestion styles and create a unique wedding invitation that looks adorable, less costly and easy to send. Which one did you like most? Tell us in the comment box below and also give us more suggestions.

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