Muslim Wedding Invitation Cards - The Perfect Wedding Cards For The Nawabi Weddings

Marriage is one of the eminent events in any culture. For people all around the world, weddings call for celebrations, joy, fun, and some forever memories. Each culture may have a different way of expression and celebration of the event but the fundamentals of a wedding ceremony remain the same. A wedding is all about establishing a loving and caring bond between two partners with full commitment towards each other. Among various other things that are similar in all cultures, sending out wedding invitation cards for inviting family and friends to be a part of the festivities and shower their blessing on the newly-wed couple is also the same. Muslim weddings are not an exception and a muslin wedding invite is a way to announce the union of two families that have decided to share their joys and sorrows. Muslim wedding cards serve as the first impression of your wedding and builds a connection between the bride and groom and their loved ones. 

As per the Islamic tradition, a marriage ceremony is known as Nikah. Once the date of the nikah ceremony is finalized, first task of the family is to find a perfect and elegant Muslim wedding card. The wedding invitation states all the traditions of the respective religion that are about to take place at the wedding. So, it is crucial to pay attention to the religious perspective and select the perfect design coordinating with the theme of the wedding. Cards are also printed for the Walima event which is a sort of wedding reception which occurs after the wedding ceremony and invites are sent on the behalf of the groom’s family.

The Wedding Cards Online offer thousands of professionally designed Muslim wedding invitations for both auspicious occasions. You can also choose a customized card for adding an exquisite and unique touch to your wedding functions. The rich use of paisleys and traditional symbols are quite common in a Muslim wedding card. Our Muslim wedding invitations also include blueprints of domes, peacocks, and feathers that are very popular in Muslim culture. For adding a touch of royalty, we also design Muslim wedding cards coherent to the Mughal and Afghan art in which invites are sent on scrolls along with the designs of the Taj Mahal. Just like Hindus print Lord Ganesh idol in their Hindu wedding card invites, Muslim wedding cards also includes written forms of  Allah, and the pictures of Makka and Madina.

We understand the importance of culture and religion, so our delicate use of embossed patterns, vibrant hues, textured invitations, die-cut patterns, floral and metallic finish for the Muslim wedding invitations make them the best suitable option for making them a perfect announcement of your big day. 

It is right to say that Islam is practiced in different forms around the world, so varied traditions and customs can be seen in the wedding ceremonies at a Muslim wedding. But, despite all regional influences if you are a first-timer to a Muslim wedding, it will surely offer you plenty of beautiful experiences to relish something so unique that you don't wanna forget for a lifetime.

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