What do 7 Pheras Stand for in Indian Wedding?

What do 7 Pheras Stand for in Indian Wedding?

You have got “Phera ceremony” engraved on your wedding invitations. We all know that in Hindu weddings, a couple takes the 7 Pheras and make some promises and ask for blessings from God. But what exactly do these seven pheras signify? Want to know more about it, continue reading.

In the first Phera, the bride takes the lead while the couple seeks blessings from the Lord for pure and nourishing food for a healthy life. It’s the promise which the groom makes as he pledges to provide his family with welfare and happiness. The bride in return promises to be an active and equal part of all the responsibilities and that she fulfills them happily for the welfare of the groom and the family.

In the second Phera, the couple seeks the blessing for physical, mental as well as spiritual well being. It’s the groom that promises to stand by his bride at all times and protect her. He promises to provide security to their family as well. In response, the wife takes the vow of being the strength to his husband and gives him all her undivided attention along with eternal love.

In the third Phera, the bride and the groom promise to be loyal to each other. They also seek blessings from the lord for a wealthy and prosperous life. The couple then takes the vow of taking care of their children and educate them. The Phera is about how they need to be loyal to each other for life while taking care of their children.

In the fourth Phera, the couple takes s the vow of being there for each other through thick and thin. The groom promises the wife to take her and to love her in all her forms, in happiness, and in sadness. The bride then swears to stand by the groom and serve and please him to the best of her abilities. The couple vows to take care of each other and other members in their family.

In the fifth Phera, the groom takes the lead while the couple seeks the blessing for healthy progeny. They pray the Lord for noble and strong children. The couple together also prays the almighty for the welfare of every living being in the universe. The couple promise to be the best parents to their children.

In the sixth Phera, the couple prays the almighty for a healthy life free from all sorts of diseases. The groom also feels grateful for his wife as he has taken six most substantial steps with him and has filled his heart with absolute bliss. He later asks her to kindly fill his life and heart with immense happiness for as long as they live. In return, the wife agrees to be with him and to love him through sickness and in health.

In the seventh Phera, the couple seeks the blessings for a lifelong relationship based on the pillars of love, loyalty, and understanding for each other. The couple takes the oath of being the best of friends forever and to love each other in all the forms. They vow to be there together not only for this life but for many lives to come.

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