Traditional Wedding Cards V/s Digital Invitations

Traditional Wedding Cards V/s Digital Invitations

We all have been there stuck where we have to choose between digital wedding cards and traditional wedding invitations made of paper. You probably have thought about going with the latter because of options you have when it comes to design but may have backed out thing how convenient and easy the former is.

There is no doubt that e-wedding invitations are incredibly handy when you are planning to save yourself from a little hustle of traditional wedding cards. You can send them easily, can even make the updates more easily, but as easy as they are, they can easily be forgotten or ignored many times. That’s not the case with traditional Indian wedding cards. you can send them to the personal address of every guest. But then again, more paper invites means more cutting down of trees. Paper invitations are far from eco-friendly practices we have to adopt. Each mode has its pros and cons. But we are here to tell you more about the pros and the benefits of each of it.

How digital wedding invites and wedding websites are beneficial?

  1. First of all, it’s cheap

Yeah, choosing the E-Indian wedding invitations is not just an economic decision, instead, it is literally cheap. If you have got a friend who has a little know-how of web designing, then it is absolutely free. If you are planning to have a wedding on the budget, then you can save up a lot on your digital Indian wedding cards.

2. Second thing is you can get immediate RSVP

Another advantage of Digital wedding invitation is that you can get immediate RSVP. Unlike traditional paper wedding invites, that takes days and weeks to reach via postage, you can immediately send the wedding invite to all your guests. The good thing is we all are phone addicted and check our emails regularly. This ensures your guests can easily check the mail and can immediately revert back. You can easily know. Within the real-time, you can get to know the expected number of guests. This makes the further planning much easier and accurate.

3. Everyone can see who all are coming

There are e-invites which let the people see the guest list as well. This could be your pro and con as well. But if we talk about from the guest’s perspective, they definitely want to know who all are invited and who all are coming for real.

4. Updates can be made easily

Due to any unforeseen event or unfortunate circumstance, if the couple has to change the timings or place, informing guests is much easier with digital wedding invitations. It’s just a matter of few clicks on the screen. The invitation date might be synced to their online calendar and they immediately get the reminder of any updates or changes. The good thing is everyone gets it at the same time, so you don’t have to worry over whom all are informed about changes.

5. Extras will never stress you

The guest list has the tendency to bloat up at the last minute. With paper invites, you have to place the order again and then you will be charged comparatively higher than the first time for those extra wedding cards. There is no such thing with E-Indian wedding cards. You don’t have to spend any penny even if your guest list bloat and get twice.

6. They are equally mesmerising

There is a common thing that makes couples quite hesitant about online wedding cards and website which is they aren’t that appealing. To be honest, they are perfectly pretty and alluring at the same time. You can have many media files attached to them. They are paperless and hence you can make all the changes without wasting anything. One more thing, they are very trendy and not only the commoners, but many celebrities are switching to this mode for inviting their guests for the wedding.

How traditional Indian wedding paper invitations are beneficial?

1. A style is the first thing you get of paper invitations

One of the best things about traditional Indian wedding cards is the styling flair you get with them. It is more elegant and carries that old-school charm with it. These wedding cards are more special and cherished by guests than a formal digital wedding invitation. Moreover, there are options in which you can make your wedding invite useful for them as well. For instance, a stylised wooden box carrying your invite will later be used by them in storing things too.

2. Everyone has a home address, not everyone has an email address

Yes, this might come as a big shock to you but not everyone has made a digital presence. Your grandma or great aunt or the friend who just doesn’t like to be present on any social media platforms, how are you going to tell them about your special day? It’s not necessary that every person in your guest list is digital-savvy or is present on the same network. That’s where digital wedding invitations fail and may end up burdening you more. The good news is there is no such thing with traditional Indian wedding cards made of paper.

3. It’s more private

What we mentioned earlier about online wedding invitations and how they turn out to be a little disadvantageous for you is that your guests have the view access over the guest list. There are no such thing paper wedding invitations. Sending the invitations physically has less of a risk involved of being exposed. Traditional wedding invitations are more personal and depict how much you put the efforts into the part of the event.

4. These are the “keepsake”

Traditional wedding cards are printed on paper or veneers. They have this unique advantage of to be held physically, admired and even cherished as a “keepsake” of your “D-day”. They are the best possible way in which you can add something more personal of yours at your wedding. your parents, friends and family will surely cherish it for long.

Now you can easily analyse, which mode is ideal for you to choose when it comes to your Indian wedding cards.


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