Saptapadi Mantras and its meaning

Saptapadi Mantras and its meaning

The Saptapadi Mantras have a lot of value in the Hindu culture and the seven steps taken by bride and groom define the seven forms of life. As per Yalgnavakya Smrithi which is Hindu law code, when the seventh step is completed, they officially, legally and spiritually become a couple.

Every step has a meaning and aesthetic connection of its own and here is a detailed look at the same –

1 Step for Groom – The first step taken by the groom affirms that the bond of love becomes stronger between the couple. The groom offers to provide welfare and shelter while seeks food and care from the bride.

1st step for bride – The bride submits herself to her groom taking her as her lord. She takes charge of the food and assigns the financial responsibilities on the husband. She also affirms that she will do all the duties that welfare her family and children in future.

2nd step for groom – In the second step, the groom asks for strength and courage from her partner and takes the promise that they will fill the home with happiness and joy together.

2nd step for bride – The bride promises to help the groom with courage and strength in the second step. She says that she will cherish the happiness of her lord and will make sure that the family is happy and smiling.

3rd step for groom – The third step is the step of faith where the groom promises to look upon all the other women as her sisters. He also affirms that he and his partner will take care of children and family.

3rd step for bride – The bride also devotes herself completely to her lord and takes the oath that all the other men are now her brother. She promises that he is her joy and happiness now.

4th step for groom – By walking the 4th step with his partner, he thanks the partner for bringing sacredness and auspiciousness in his life. He pledges to make his children noble and high character along with his wife.

4th step for bride – The bride pledges to his husband that she will put in every effort which is required to please her lord.

5th step for groom – In the 5th step, the groom thanks his partner for enriching his life. He asks for long life of his partner and loved ones.

Step 6th for bride – The bride while taking the 5th steps takes pledge that she will be there in the happiness and sorrows of his husband. She also affirms that she will carry out his wishes.

Step 6 for groom – In the step 6, the groom asks his bride to fill his heart with happiness and joy throughout his life.

Step 6th for bride – The bride on the other side promises his partner that she will be with him in all kinds of situations and conditions.

Step 7th for groom – In the step 7, the groom affirms that they have now become eternally linked to each other. He says that she is now completely his and offers all his life to the partner taking the marriage to the seven forms of life.

Step 7 for bride – The bride also affirms that now she is completely his partner and they will remain truthful to each of the above promises given by them to each other.

The completion of the 7th step marks the completion of marriage as per the Hindu laws and it is the most pious form of marriage. It is one culture where the union is not limited to one life but it becomes eternal. It is where the connection is with families and not only the two individuals. The couple becomes one form and they share the same joy, same strength, same love and same taste. They promise to face the hardships together, enjoy the joys together and make their kids noble and rich at heart by enriching them.

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