Tips to Design Islamic Indian Wedding Cards

Tips to Design Islamic Indian Wedding Cards

Is your big day jusst around the corner? If so, you have to deal with a lot of essential which probably commences with styling the invitations. The Indian weddings are famed for exhibiting the finest of culture and Indian wedding cards are the beautiful scheduled testament to it. Hence, consider it with equally importance before designing.

Tips to design an Islamic Indian wedding invitations card:


One of the most substantial considerations in an Islamic wedding card is whether to or not include the Bismillah. You can come across several Islamic wedding cards with not a mention of it. But, it is quite popular in their world. This is a beautiful calligraphic icon that means “in the name of Allah” which is used for any pious ceremony. This is also used in Indian wedding cards to ensure Allah will bless the wedding ceremony and “a happily ever after”.

Theme Incorporation

You probably have booked your wedding planner and already discussed the theme of the wedding. Well, why not design your Indian wedding card in sync with the theme? For example, if your reception has fairy tale bliss, how about adding a wand in invitation? Your wedding theme should be well reflected in your wedding card. Like, the tinge of embellishment, the flair of designs and symphonies of love- to invite the family and friends for your big day.

Use the matching envelopes

Generally people go with very simple envelopes for their invitation to add a flair of sophistication and simplicity. But, Indian weddings are nothing like “simple”. They are too extravagant and so should be the invitation card. After all, it’s your only day so why not proclaim the same with the best. Use an envelope that is in sync with your invitation card.

The flair of colors

Undoubtedly Islamic weddings are the beautiful ceremonial testaments of rich culture. It looks nothing less an enchanting spectacle chaos of colors – the apparels, the decorations, the cuisine, everything elude beautiful hues. Choose the color theme of the wedding in your invitation card too. And, if you are not going with it, make sure your Indian wedding card is full of colorful constituents.

These are some of the tips that can help you in designing your wedding invitation card for a grand Islamic wedding. You are about to start the most beautiful journey together. So, why not start it by inviting all your near and dear ones with a beautiful Indian wedding card from The Wedding Cards Online.

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