Showcase Wedding Menu in Various Creative Patterns

Showcase Wedding Menu in Various Creative Patterns

Food is one of the best parts of wedding planning. Choosing a classic and delicious menu for the event just completes your day. So it’s the time to thought over the menu while picking it for the wedding. All work isn’t completed by just picking the menu; you must opt for presenting the menu with various styles and patterns according to the theme of wedding or texture of cuisines. It will have an amazing appearance in the ceremony.

Chalkboard door

Chalkboard door

Paint inside of the old door with chalkboard and write down menu using chalk, it adds a rustic/vintage touch to your wedding.


Go creative with a wooden pallet and write down the menu according to the theme of the wedding. If you are planning to have a neon theme, paint the pallets with different bright colors or if you are planning to organize a rustic theme then simply apply wooden color and paint the menu.

Hanging mirror

Bring a vintage mirror with a golden frame and try hanging it somewhere on a tree and list out menu details and directions for the guests.


Look for a multi-pane window and place the menu in different panes, according to the availability of courses.

DIY menu

Apply your creativity skills and create a hanging menu bar, using wooden frames, dry grass, flower pots, paper notes, etc., give the frame a nice coat of paint, then hang menu cards inside using clothespins and arrange flower pots around it.

Chocolate menu

Chocolate menu

Place a chocolate bar engraved with the menu on your invitee’s table to put a sweet sugary smile on their faces.

Personalized banners

The menu is printed on a square of fabric with guest detail too, that will help your invitees locate their seats.

Cutting boards

To complement a rustic venue, each table featured a menu card tied around the wooden board.

Chopstick menu

A printed menu is wrapped with chopsticks to simply décor dining.

Wine bottle

Paint wine bottles with chalkboard paint and write down the menu on it. Let your guests help themselves, using the instructions.

Surfboard menu

Beaches are the attraction for destination planning; if you are also planning for a beachside wedding then you just love this idea of showcasing your menu. Write your menu on the bottom of a surfboard using paint or marker, and then prop it in the sand. Now grab the food.

Handmade card menu

As like wedding cards handmade notes are also used in styling up menu card, use different handmade notes and list down menu on it, or simply take an idea from Indian wedding cards or Indian wedding invitations.

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