11 Most Creative & Regaling Wedding Invitation Ideas That Will Move Your Heart for Sure

11 Most Creative & Regaling Wedding Invitation Ideas That Will Move Your Heart for Sure

Right after saving the perfect date for your wedding, the first and the most important thing that you should do is plan your wedding card. Of course, it is a time consuming procedure therefore, you must plan everything related to cards as quickly as possible. Believe it, you don’t want to leave this task for the last minute. 

Surely, we are living in a world of WhatsApp & Instagram, where a lot of people prefer inviting their guests to their marriage and reception parties through these online mediums or apps. But, in the majority of countries in Asia such as India, people still use the wedding invitation cards to invite their near and dear ones to their marriage functions. 

Well, you have to agree, a creative and heart-warming wedding card will be a multitude times better than an invite through online mediums. It has its own elegance, affection, charm and impact on the receiver. 

Nowadays, wedding invites are not simple, unattractive and plain letter which a short description about the event. Over the years, the patterns, the designs, the printing methods, etc have evolved wonderfully. In today’s times, the wedding designers have paid painstaking attention in designing the most amazing cards of the century. The market is full of creative ideas to use to design a perfect wedding invite.

To help you in finding the most dazzling and stunning wedding invitations, here is a list of the eleven most creative and regaling wedding card ideas that will surely move your heart. 

  • Laser Cut Invites  Laser cut invites are affordable, elegant and high quality, which makes them a perfect choice for your big day celebration. You can get simple as well as intricate laser cuts to woo your visitors with the detailing and shapes that you can only get on a laser cut card. 
  • Traditional or Regular Invites– Well, you must be wondering why go for regular ones if you are planning to try something creative. Well, the designers have worked on the traditional patterns and have given a touch of modernity to the regular patterns, which make them totally innovative and affordable, at the same time. 
  • Hard board Invites– Of course, the hard boards look classy and luxurious. If you are planning a regal wedding & budget is not a problem then these hard board invites are the perfect option for you. These are elegant in elegant colours and good quality paper. 
  • Scroll Invites– These are the most creative and fun invites. Yes, you must remember watching in movies, where kings use to send message to each other in forms of scrolls. Well, the famous wedding card designers have innovated the idea & have made it a lot more beautiful than it was. You can use wooden or paper boxes or bottles to send scroll wedding cards to your near and dear ones. It will be remembered forever. 
  • Divided Invites– Yeah, of course you may have a series of events such as mehndi, sangeet, engagement, prayer ceremony, marriage, reception, etc. You don’t want to create a mess with getting separate cards for every occasion. So, you can actually add pages to your original card for every event and all of them can be covered up by a single envelope. You can also choose the colour of pages according to your events such as “green for mehndi” or “red for marriage” etc. If you don’t want to invite someone for a particular event, then just take off that particular page for the original card. This idea is really smart and creative & it is running successfully in all parts of the world. 
  • Matt Finish PaperInvites – Nowadays, the matt touch is getting really trendy. It is really creative idea to apply matt finish to your wedding cards. It gives a more graceful and elegant look to it. If you want to create some impression on your guests, then this is the best choice. 
  • Shimmery Invites– These shimmery invites come with glossy gold prints and are beautifully decorated with rhinestones, onall sides. The card is in open flower style, which makes it really appealing and fascinating. So, if you enjoy floral patterns, then you would definitely love this creative idea. 
  • Box Envelope Invites –These are a little expensive but truly a delight to your eyes. They come inside beautiful box type envelopes made from texture paper. It has a magnetic strip on which the name of the bride and groom is printed. The self-texture printing method is used to add elegance to the design. Since, the box is so attractive therefore it encourages the guests to read the entire card, with interest. 
  • Carry Bag Invites –These are one of the latest ideas in the market, in the current times. It is really interesting to see how a carry bag has been evolved as an envelope in which you can place your invites safely. It also comes with carry bag holding threads which actually look really cute. 
  • Monument Invites –Another great idea to use! For instance, you have planned to or have already visited a particular city or place with your someone special, so you can actually use the cut outs of the most famous monument of that city, & use it to design your wedding cards. This is something unique as well as romantic, at the same time. 
  • Foil stamp invites –Another idea that is getting really trendy in today’s times is the foil stamp wedding cards. In these, you invite is placed under the foil to avoid bleeding of colour on the main page. This gives a smoother finish to your card & makes it more attractive and shiny. 

Well, if you are about to get married and you have no idea about – how to pick the best wedding card then you can choose any of the mostcreative & regaling wedding invitation cards ideas mentioned above, as they all can move your heart for sure!

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