Reasons to Prefer Traditional Wedding Cards Over Digital Invitations

Reasons to Prefer Traditional Wedding Cards Over Digital Invitations

A wedding is the most beautiful day in everyone’s life. Wedding is the day where two souls connect in a strong loving bond. Everyone wants to celebrate this day with family and friends. Couple invites many people at their wedding so they also can cherish their special moment. Wedding cards are the most special things in every wedding. Nowadays people use technology like WhatsApp, Facebook, video invitations, graphics invitations to invite people. Although it is a cost-effective way to invite people, still it can not compare the love which we can show from traditional wedding cards such as Indian wedding cards to our loved once.

The wedding date is set, you have booked the venue for the ceremony, the bride is ready with her beautiful fairy look wedding dress, desserts & cupcakes have been ordered, centerpieces are available to provide an enchanting look, and fresh flowers will praise you with the mesmerizing freshness. Everything has been planned successfully, then what about inviting your guests? They are an essential part of your wedding, without your guests all lavish arrangements are worthless. You need to print or design the cards to invite all your family members, friends and relatives to make your day memorable. Your loved ones add happiness, joy and beautiful & remarkable memories in your wedding by sharing their precious time. Now the question is, how do you let your guest know where to be and when the wedding is taking place? We have two different categories of wedding cards, these are:

Traditional wedding card- printed or designed mailed paper invites

Regular cards are a trendy, fresh, elegant and stylish way to create your wedding cards. These cards give your wedding celebration an exclusive look and approach all the targeted audience.

Digital wedding card- online social/email wedding cards

The digital invites are the way to joining hands together for green earth & save earth projects. This way you add creativity, uniqueness and great thought to your wedding celebration. You can add text, infographic or video to your digital invite and forward the mail to your guest’s list in a click.

Why prefer traditional wedding cards over digital cards?

Traditional wedding cards/Indian wedding invitations are the classic way to invite your guests because these are designed in a way to make it look attractive, elegant, stylish according to the theme of the wedding. Not all your relatives & friends need to have a Facebook account or email ids, you need to send invites to everyone, that’s why it is better to print traditional wedding cards.

You can design invitations with your DIY skills or craft it according to the theme of the ceremony. You can even flaunt your regal, lavish and rich material. The theme-based wedding cards help your guests to know about the marriage idea.

Traditional cards are the best way to reach all targeted guests as everyone has an address.

Approaching your guests personally shows that you have put some efforts to want their presence at your wedding. But digital cards seem too formal in comparison with the traditional.

Traditional invitations have a physical appearance that means you can either showcase it or frame it to make the event memorable.

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