A Memorable Unusual Wedding at 35000 Feet in the Mid Air

A Memorable Unusual Wedding at 35000 Feet in the Mid Air

Tying the knot with your love is always special and the most significant moment of the lifetime. Nobody leaves any stone unturned to bring perfection in every aspect including Indian wedding cards, venue, dressing, dine, jewelry, decoration, and others. Instead of going with traditional old fashioned ways, couples are opting for some unique and different themes and patterns these days. Brides and grooms hope to make their big day unique and memorable not only for them but also for the invitees. Here we bring one of such unusual and special wedding, which took place at 35000 feet in mid-air for a very special reason.

Kristy Stratton and Jim Larsen were not popular a few days back until their wedding went viral over the web. They got married in the plane of Alaska Airlines in mid-air at the height of 35000 feet. Kristy has been working for Alaska Airlines for the last 11 years. The reason behind this is sweet enough to melt anyone’s heart. Both the bride and groom got engaged on 29th February 2012 but were not in a hurry to marry, but the things changed when Kristy’s mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in September 2014. Billy Joe, the mother of Kristy, then confessed about having a bucket list including a trip of mother & daughter, fly in her daughter’s worksite i.e. Alaska Airlines, and see Jim and Kristy get married. At the other end, the daughter did so to fulfill all the wishes her mother had.


All these were planned suddenly by Kristy herself when her mother expressed her desire to meet the couple. She was given an 11-day clearance to fly by doctors after gradual improvements by ongoing treatments. Here worked Kristy’s brain and a magical plan was made immediately. While talking with Buzzfeed she said, Then while I was driving home from a redeye, it hit me — maybe Alaska will let us get married on the plane. That LA-Seattle route has a lot of meaning for us, so it seemed like the perfect way to do it.”

Later the things worked exactly according to the plan and the COO of Alaska Airlines permitted Stratton to co-opt a February 19 wedding- mid-air. Other than this, the reason for being choosing this particular flight is also special. She had met her now-husband on a layover from Los Angeles to Seattle on the same flight. It was a surprise wedding for all the other passengers as well. Later the couple was surprised with a cake waiting for them at the Seattle Airport. They organized a reception the next day and around 60 guests joined this. After this, they spent some time with Billy showing her around the city.

Kristy further said about the wedding, “I was touched and overwhelmed by the amount of love and joy flooding through the cabin. Not only did they make the day even more special for me, but my mom as well.”

Well, we also wish them a very happy married life ahead with lots of love.

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