Latest Indian Wedding Invitation trends for Summer 2020-21

Latest Indian Wedding Invitation trends for Summer 2020-21

Are we hearing the wedding bells? Are you finally getting hitched? First of all, a big congratulations on the wish of a happily ever after.

The preparations for this happily ever after doesn’t commence happily. There is a lot of stress that a couple goes through while preparing for weddings. The best way you can relax is to organize yourself before planning to organize this substantial event. You can start by keeping a journal that will help you in writing down the kinds of stuff that needed to be done. It also ensures you don’t overlook anything important.

Wedding preparations begin with choosing the right Indian wedding invitations. Hence, this post is dedicated to sharing with you some latest Indian wedding invitation trends for summer 2019:

Envelope liners for an instant hit

While choosing the designs for your Indian wedding invitations, consider giving enough attention to the envelopes too. You can go for Envelope liners for your Indian wedding cards. As soon as the recipient opens up your wedding invite, it will surely catch his eye. They add panache to your wedding invitations and make it look more eloquent.

For the traditional Hindu wedding cards, you can add the contemporary flair by adding Hindu shlokas on the envelope liner. This will definitely make your wedding invitation the “talk of the town” for some time.

Tweak your Wedding invitation color palette with unconventional

Yes, we all know how certain colors are simply associated with wedding invitations. Red is considered auspicious for Hindi wedding invitation cards. But we say why you want to do exactly like other couples when it comes to choosing your wedding invitations. You can think out of the box and go for unconventional color choices for your wedding cards. You can go for bolder shades that portray happiness in a most elegant manner or something mellower that illustrates happiness in a cool and breezy way. Go for something you haven’t seen before. A change in the color scheme will help in creating a solid impression on every person on your guest list.

Cloth cards are very trendy

Yes, cloth cards are quite popular Indian wedding invitation trends for summer 2019. The good thing is that you can use different textures and colored fabric for your Indian wedding cards. they will elude the traditional and ethnic vibe and look absolutely regal.

Hand-drawn maps for extra enigma

Maps have now become one substantial part of Indian wedding cards. But who said you only have to go for those printed things. You can add a sense of enigma by choosing the hand-drawn maps on your wedding cards. It will make it look amazing as you can personalize it as well by adding the local landmarks.

These are some popular Indian wedding card trends for summer 2019. Tell us which one of these do you like the best.

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