Quirky and Out of the Box Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas

Quirky and Out of the Box Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas

Marriage is a divine journey and is an endless affair that continues even after death. This is why you want to make sure that you make your wedding a memorable one. You want to be sure that all the arrangements are in place and there is a sense of passion about it. But at the same time, it is a bit tough on the bride as she is the one who has to leave her family members. It is quite difficult to wipe off the memories and settle in a relatively new place.

The function of wedding is more of a celebration that carries on for days and the number of guests that come to the wedding especially in India is huge. It is like an extravaganza and you get a feel even months prior to the wedding that your marriage is near. There is a feel in the house which makes Indian wedding ceremonies so special. But at the same time, you want to make sure that you get all the important moments captured so that you can cherish them for life long.

Why not go for a cozy pre wedding shoot?

One of the best ideas that you can check upon before your marriage is a pre wedding shoot. It has become a trend these days and you must have delightful pictures with your partner. There are many cool and out of the league ideas for pre wedding shoot that you can get to try and execute in order to make your wedding ceremony special.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you are going for the pre wedding shootout. The first thing is the cameraman and he should be the best in the business. The second important thing is the theme of the shootout and you must choose your location based on it.

Here are some of the quirky and out of the box ideas that you can get to try for your pre wedding photo shoot:

Going for a photo shoot in water with artificial rain:

One of the special ideas that you can get to try and execute is the photo shoot within a pond or river with artificial rain. You can take help from the locals or take experts with you in order to get the rain showers. The trickling drops bestowed by these people make the photo shoot that very special.

It will be a moment and picture that you will remember for life long and everyone will feel jealous of you after watching the photo shoot. You can add some effects as well if you are looking to make it special and delighting. You can take help from the camera person as they have good ideas about the poses and styles that you can get to try.

Making the vibes on the beach:

Another style that you can get to try and execute is the beach style photo shoot with you and your partner creating a heart on the sand. It shows the connection between the two hearts and makes so special for the album. You can get a picture when the sun sets through the ocean and it will also be an exquisite addition to your pre wedding album as well as you can use it for the Wedding Invitations.

You can also get some pictures while playing with each other on the ocean drops and they will add the romance and feel to your wedding album. There are so many things that you can get to do on the beach and make your wedding album that very special.

Don’t go away:

This is another classy pose with one of you looking to go and another one pulling back to stay. It adds a sort of flavor and binge to the wedding photo shoot and you must look to try and execute it.

Lamborghini Chalaye Jane O:

This is another pose that you can get to execute if you are willing to spend some good amount of money on your pre wedding photo shoot. With you and your partner on the Lamborghini, the feel and the pose will be cherished all your life.

Desi Desi Na bolya Kar Chori Re:

This is another cozy and stylish pose that you can get to execute if you want to add a tinge of desiness in your wedding. The groom and bride dressed like a village couple will add an original touch to the wedding.

I will fly with you:

This is one of the smartest pose with groom lifting bride in the air and bride giving a look that she is flying. It will add the desired romance and style to the album.

You are my oxygen, I breathe you:

This could be the most romantic pose of the pre wedding photo shoot with both the bride and groom so close to each that they can hear each other’s breath. It will make up for the best photo of the shoot.

I live in your heart:

This is another cozy pose that will make you to love your partner even more. Put your head on his heart signaling that this is your address. It will not only add the feel to the album but also make your relation strong.


Having a good pre wedding photo shoot gives you the confidence that your wedding ceremony will be even more special. This is why you shall leave no stone unturned to make it the best. There are various ideas that you can execute while scrolling through the web. You can also add pictures of the shoot on your wedding cards and there are many Indian wedding cards stores that will help you out.

But the important thing is that you need to plan, execute and then make the results great. You need to make sure that everything is in tandem and go for shoot out at a place that you like. But go through a few reviews to be sure about the quality and make the pre wedding album the one to cherish for.


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