Pre-Wedding Rituals in a Christian Wedding

Pre-Wedding Rituals in a Christian Wedding

A marriage is a harmonious union of two souls and is considered a sacred relation irrespective of the caste, creed, culture or religion. It is usually very simply planned in Christians without much pomp and show but there is a shift in the way Christian weddings take place these days. That’s obvious as it too is a once in a lifetime event, everyone one would want to make it a memorable one. Typical wedding preparations commence from the printing of wedding invites that are nowadays available in numerous innovative designs that one cannot choose one over the other. The basic utility of a Indian wedding invitations is that it invites the guest and lists down all the details namely date, time and venue of all the important functions.

Other important wedding preparations include booking catering services, selecting bridal outfits and jewelry, hiring decorators, etc. Planning for a wedding is a separate thing but here are some pre-wedding rituals that form an essential part of a wedding and have their own significance in a wedding. Pre-wedding rituals in a Christian wedding invitation include the following-

    • Engagement Ceremony– This probably the first ceremony in which a wedding is officially announced. In this ceremony, the bride and groom exchange rings in the presence of all the relatives and friends.

    • Bachelor’s Party– This is one of the most sought-after event by all the friends. Friends and brothers of the groom host this event for the groom in order to celebrate last day of his bachelorhood. On the other hand, the sisters and friends of the bride hold another such event called the hen’s party. This is solely for the friends and young unmarried brothers/sisters of the groom and bride.

    • Roce Ceremony– This is similar to the “Haldi” ceremony in Hindus 

    • where turmeric and sandalwood paste is applied on the bride and groom’s bodies. In some parts of India, turmeric and sandalwood paste is substituted with coconut paste. The Roce ceremony of South India is also called Haldaat ceremony in North India and is often associated with fun and frolic.

    The Christian weddings are not as elaborate as the weddings that take place in other religions of the country. Every wedding and its rituals have a meaning behind them. Broadly, every ritual aims at keeping the bride and groom away from evil and a prosperous conclusion of the wedding along with all its ceremonies.


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