Elegance of Red Color & its Significance for Indian Brides

Elegance of Red Color & its Significance for Indian Brides

In India red is the color of prosperity, opulence, love, passion, purity, basically the representative of India’s warm diversified culture. As Red is the hue of the rising sun and the beautiful adornment of a bride. Every auspicious event has been associated with red color, as weddings are one of the most auspicious occasions celebrated in India. From Indian wedding cards to wedding decorations it is spreading its natural regal aura. After the wedding, a bride is keen to begin a new life, red is the remainder of a new phase of life.

Red is the color of a new beginning

A wedding indicates a change in women’s life. After the wedding, a bride needs to leave her parental home and begin a new life at her in-law’s home. Being an Indian bride it would be natural to attract toward Red color. Indian weddings are eminent for bright and dynamic colors.

Color of origin

Red is the origin of all the shubha or auspicious events, whether it’s about the birth of a child, integration of home, or a wedding ceremony, every event can take place by putting red kumkuma on the forehead of the invitees. When we are talking about Indian marriages, I want to let you know, every event regarding marriage ceremony like Mehandi i.e. remarked by red, sangeet, tilak, and baarat are indicated by the red color. During the kanyadanam ceremony, sindoor has been applied to the partition of the hair bride by the groom. This adornment also signifies the lifelong meaning of the relationship.


In Hindu culture, a woman needs to flaunt her suhaag adornments like bindi on her forehead, henna on her palms, vermilion on her partition of hair these adornments signify the meaning and beauty of the red color in a bride’s life.

Red attire

Traditional attires of India are Lehenga, Odhani, Ghaghra, Choli that are prominently worn by Indian brides are red. Women of any complexion spread the gleam of her beauty on this special day of her life. The bridal attire perceives the dignity, elegance, and purity of the women.

Significance of the color

In Indian culture, each color has acquired its specific meaning. Different hues and shades define different aspects of life. It can be explained as calmness of white snow, green as the happiness of spring, red as love and strength. According to astrology, Mars is the owner of weddings, that is also red.

Impact of Red

Although India is getting influenced rapidly by western culture, the significance of red color in the culture of people can be seen. Whether it is a small prayer event or some big function, ladies with red saree or red dresses can be easily seen. Every bride has a red-colored saree in her wardrobe. Even men wear a red outfit on many cultural ceremonies. All these things point out the significance of red in the tradition and customs of people throughout the country. Whether it is the northern side or southern side of India, red dominates the tradition even today and will be ruling even after many decades as expected. Even in Indian wedding cards, there is some display of red as per the tradition.

A Red Saree

A red saree denotes the color of adoring, harmony, richness. It is believed as per Hindu Mythology that red is the favorite color of Devi Shakti – female power. And so, red makes the bond between two souls stronger and potent. The red defines thousands of happy feelings and mostly Indian brides choose red saree for their wedding events. For any prayer event, traditional occasion or any special occasion, red saree is the most selected attire for girls and ladies in India. Red saree is not only a resemblance of clarity and transparency but also it indicates true bonding in this life and the other lives. Ladieswear red saree on their wedding anniversary, baby shower, Valentine’s Day, etc on many such occasions because of so many indications of the color.

Red Bangles

Till now you must have known the importance of red color in the culture and custom of Hinduism. Brides who select the red color for their wedding outfit usually flaunt red jewelry on their bodies. Red bangles are an indication of love, compatibility, and trust. With red bangles, the bride looks more elegant and cultural. There are lots of wedding bangles made in different varieties and colors in Hindu culture. As there are many different castes and creeds in Hinduism, so there are many ranges of bangles too. But, it is found that most purchased bangles are “red cheddar” in India is the implication of love and purity. Girls often wear red bangles until a year in the name of their husbands. Nowadays, the custom of wearing these bangles has reduced to 2 to 4 months.

More about Red

Red has made its significance not only with the cultural context of Hinduism but it is also preferred color among the girls and boys who are in love. Mostly, red flowers are used to cherish the occasion such as a silver anniversary or engagement party, etc. It is seen that lots of times boys and girls exchange red flowers or a red-colored teddy bear to show love and devotion to each other. Red handkerchiefs can be seen in the hands of those people who wish to impress goddess Durga and seek her blessings. However, red is remarked as the color of danger, war, and fighting. Even though, in India, the case is different. Red-colored cards or red-colored gifts are often offered to any beloved in India.

I would here want to say that India is a country of gods and goddesses. And red is believed to be the favorite color of Goddess Shakti. So, Indians never forget to enhance their culture and tradition with red. They always try to use red from the smallest affair to the biggest ceremonies. Red is of very much importance for Indians and they always try to keep their culture above all.

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