Most Compatible Couple for Wedding According to Sun Sign

Most Compatible Couple for Wedding According to Sun Sign

Though love is not destined, you may fall for anyone. But when it comes to the wedding, a relationship of the lifelong commitment, a little help in the department won’t harm. There are many traits you seek in your partner, well look no further. Here is the list of most compatible couples for wedding according to sun sign. You can find which sun sign is most compatible for you along with an interesting idea for your wedding cards.

Let’s begin:

Gemini and Aquarius

If telepathy really works in the real world, it works for the couple. The zodiac couple is believed to have the stern emotional connection on all grounds. They are believed to understand each other well, both inside out. This is probably the reason; the flair of love ignites “forever”. The zodiac signs complement each other very well. We can simply call them the “Power Couple”

Idea for their wedding invite: A wedding card with strong verses of love and forever is ideal for this couple.

Virgo and Taurus

We have often heard from the couple saying “they just hit off”, well ask them for the next time are they a Virgo and Taurus couple? These two earth signs as a couple make you believe in “meant to be”. Holding on the utmost integrity for each other, you may never come across the couple as loyal as the Virgo and Taurus. They believe in perfection and sincerity and that’s what they strive in each other.

Idea for their wedding invite: whatever they choose, be it something atypical or something regal, it needs to be perfect.

Aries and Aquarius

Let’s portray the couple as “Aries, Aquarius, and adventure”. Yes, it is totally right, there is no slightest chance of a dull moment with this zodiac couple. You can find them up for anything at any given time. A lot inclined towards new things, they are a team player too.

Idea for their wedding invite: Something quirky is what excites them, a jungle themed wedding invite may be.

Leo and Sagittarius

Passion is the thing that drives this zodiac couple. They believe to live life at the edge and are quite passionate about each other as well. Extremely encouraging toward their partner, they are the “reason behind each other’s success”.

Idea for their wedding invite: “Passion” is their poison, so wedding cards with bold colors will drive them crazy.

Libra and Gemini

The driving force of their mature relationship is the intellectual connection. Both the signs are believed to be too much in “spirituality”. Hence they mentally stimulate each other which might be the “secret of their happy relationship. A couple like this enjoys the intellect understanding and admiration for each other. You may not come across a couple as peaceful as this zodiac couple.

Idea for their wedding invite: they are peace lovers, hence the simple designs with elegant textures are ideal for their wedding cards.

If marriages are written in heaven, a little help of stars and sun signs will only strengthen your relationship. So choose your ideal match as per sun sign compatibility?

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