Modern Stylish Invitation with Motif Printed on a Transparent Paper

Modern Stylish Invitation with Motif Printed on a Transparent Paper

While thinking about an Indian wedding, an image of traditional ceremony forms in mind. It is celebrated in different styles while following ancient customs. There are different kinds of Indian wedding cards available according to each style, but couples prefer purchasing a unique one. As they are familiar with the taste of modern guests and know what kind of invitation will impress them, they always keep looking for one with a perfect blend of modern designs while adhering to traditions.

Nowadays, couples are accepting modern trends. One cannot alter the ancient traditions to make ceremony trendy, but there are various other aspects such as Indian wedding cards, outfits and so on which can be modified for this purpose. Couples getting married can organize the ceremony at the beach, hill station and farmhouse and decorate the place accordingly. However, finding a perfect card with a blend of modern style and old traditions is a typical task. In this case, couples can avail of an invitation with chocolate color paper.

This variant of Indian wedding invitations from India is popular among people for its trendy look. It is a perfect choice for the couples looking for an elegant invitation with innovative and unique designs. This variant is made using the chocolate brown colored shimmery finish paper. It includes one envelope, two inserts, and one main card. There is silver printing used to give wordings and motifs an attractive look. However, what makes this invitation special is the beautiful motif which is printed on a transparent paper using silver color. There are more designs printed in the same color on the envelope. Inserts in the invitation are tied with matching ribbon.

Well, this is a short description of a popular variant of Indian wedding cards. If you are looking for an elegant and stylish invitation, this one is the right choice

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