Invite guests with due decorum for any Muslim Wedding in the family

Invite guests with due decorum for any Muslim Wedding in the family

Every religion has its customs and rituals regarding the wedding. Islamic wedding is not out of the bandwagon and follows the religious belief, culture, and traditions. Muslim wedding cultures vary from region to region globally, but the central concept remains the same. Like all marriages of different religions, Muslim couples also vow to take care of each other during the process of marriage.

Marriage is an occasion of celebration as both the male and the female partners agree to begin the conjugal life after completion of certain rituals in front of the clerics and the presence of family members, friends, relatives, and guests. Any Muslim wedding is divided mainly into two sections; the Nikaah and the Walima. Hence two types of Muslim wedding invitations are required in any Muslim marriage.

In any Muslim wedding invitations, Nikaah is the primary occasion, and the bride’s family arranges it at their venue. Along with his relatives, the groom comes to the bride’s place and takes the vow together. The bride’s family invites other family members, friends, relatives, and neighbors. They make the NIkaah cards for the occasion to invite guests on the solemn occasion.

The groom’s family invites the guests to the Walima, which is nothing but the wedding reception. It is one of the most joyous occasions in the groom’s family, and they celebrate it with pomp and show followed by lunch or dinner.

  • Nikaah cards- Nikaah is the main occasion in any Islamic marriage, and the bride’s family distributes Nikaah cards to invite people. Various types of Nikaah cards are available in the market. They can be in different colors, sizes, and shapes. One can but these Muslim wedding invitations online or offline as per their ease and get them printed accordingly.
  • Wordings of Nikaah cards – Since, Nikaah is the occasion held at the bride’s place, it is the duty of the bride’s father and mother or any senior-most member of the family to invite guests on the auspicious occasion.

Although visiting personally and requesting to attend is most favored, but it is not always possible. Hence printing an invitation card for the Nikaah and sending them through a messenger or post are some options.

  • Helps to remember- Again, the card allows the invitee to recognize the occasion’s date and the venue and timings. The invitee can attend the ceremony accordingly without forgetting as the invitation is done long before the date of marriage.
  • Expresses the warmth -The wording of the Nikaah card is crucial. In general, the parents use their name for the invitation name with the details of the bride and the groom and the venue and time. The wordings are polite so that one can feel the warmth while reading the invitation and attend the ceremony.
  • Walima invitation – As the groom’s family prepares for the Walima or the wedding reception, they also invite guests. However, the date and the venue change as it is an occasion at the groom’s place after the groom returns with her bride. 
  • The wordings- If one is inviting the guests through cards, the wordings are different. Unlike the Nikaah invitation, which the bride’s parents do, the groom’s parents request for the Walima celebrations and print their name on the top. They mention the date, venue of the reception ion the card. 

Extending the ceremony

Over time, Muslim marriage ceremonies are also changing. The ladies in the bride’s place enjoy the occasion of Heena with great fanfare and those who can afford prints invitation cards for the event. 

The ladies attend it, and then the bride’s aunty, sisters, and the ladies of the family invite other ladies. They also mention the time and venue while extending the invitation.


One should extend Muslim wedding invitations following the traditions and etiquette of Muslim culture. Due respect is given to the invitees with proper words while extending the invitation so that the eagerness to have the invitee on the wedding reflects. One can select suitable cards online or offline as per their budget and get them printed in colors considered holy as per Islamic culture. The warmth should reflect while inviting the guests.

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