Impress Your Guests With These Fantastic Muslim Wedding Cards Designs

Impress Your Guests With These Fantastic Muslim Wedding Cards Designs

An Islamic wedding, also known as nikaah, is a combination of age-old traditions, rich customs and rituals. Every ritual has its own meaning and importance and is conducted in the presence of near and dear ones who are the witness of the holy union of the couple. Thus, Muslim wedding cards are a true reflection of the amazingly rich culture and traditional customs of Islam. It is the best way to announce your upcoming nikaah to the world. It is the beginning stage to start your ceremony preparations. Thus, every card is artistically designed and drafted showcasing symbols, colors, texture, patterns and designs which are related or synonymous with Muslim weddings.

Here are some highly fantastic Muslim wedding cards designs which you will find suitable for you, take a look:

1.     The Square Card

It is like receiving a box of chocolates, but surely more special. The brilliantly laser cut wedding card invites in a square card with dua side openings reveal a beautiful message in well-thought of font. Include a RSVP card so that your guests can easily put themselves on the invite list.

2.  Pink Delight

Nothing is as soothing and pleasing to look at, other than a wedding card in pink color, especially when taking the shape of a bunch of laser cut design. Decked with two overlapping circular designs which make the front of the card, the card impresses everyone with its elegance and simplicity.

3.   The Laser Cut Marriage Card

If you are literally looking for something extraordinary and unique for your D-day, then the laser cut card will immediately catch your attention with the brilliant artistic design, its take on the space used, symmetry etc.

4.  Traditional with a Twist

Sometimes you don’t want to go for anything fancy but stay traditional and classic. Well, you have these classics for you, which are a brilliant singular example of laser cut beauty. The card has brilliant font, color and design to showcase your royalty. It is very beautiful and adds a touch of class and elegance to your wedding.

5.  Simple yet Chic

In case you don’t want to go wild in trying to be advanced or up to date, this blue card with one side golden design is a phenomenal choice to impress your guests and scream out to the world that you are planning your wedding. It is an amazing wedding invitation for someone who want to keep it simple yet stylish.

6. Indigo Blue and Grey

Blue and grey evokes memories of the clouds appearing on the sky on a beautiful rainy day. And, just imagine… if the combination can work for nature, then what wonder will it bring to your wedding card. In fact, it will do more than that. So, include this card as a masterpiece for your wedding invite.

7.  Gold Extravagance

If you just want to get grab the best for you, then a sober gold card is the best pick for this season. It is quite elegant. Team it with the perfect shade of blue, red or white to make your invitation mesmerizing.

8. Card within Card

Yes, it has been quite in vogue in the past few years. It is a simple, eternal, entirely enigmatic and elegant option. Yes, card within cards is recommended for those who want to send the invites for different events together. It is an eye candy to see so many events happening for you.

9. Pure White Card

Nothing soothes the eye more than purity. And, white is the epitome of purity. So, going for a white card is certainly the best option for you. Elegant golden border adds to the charm and enhances the beauty of the invitation card.

10. Pretty in the Red

The color combinations of red with golden, blue or white brings out the rustic appeal of the string. The elegance and the beautiful cut design make it the most amazing pick for anyone who is looking for a unique wedding card invite

So, these are some of the options which you can choose for your Muslim card invite. Pick the one you like the most and book your wedding cards online now from the comfort of your home.

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