Elements of Muslim Wedding Cards

Elements of Muslim Wedding Cards

Marriage invitations are popularly known as Nikah cards or Walima in the Islamic culture. Muslim wedding cards signify rituals and customs followed in the community. These cards play the significant role in the full event and are distributed to notify the updates concerning wedding ceremony.

Unique designs, symbols, and colors are the specialties of the Islamic marriage cards all over the world. The Nikah cards have beautiful features most appropriate for the wedding ceremony. There are lots of varieties available in the Islamic wedding cards and you can take a look at the sample given below.

Both the families of bride side as well as groom side distribute marriage invitation cards. Different people have different choices and keeping this in the mind, Indian wedding cards are published. With the flavor of some specific colors, symbols, and designs, the Muslim wedding cards are made. To give the cultural touch, all the important elements regarding the Muslim wedding invitation are kept in mind while making the cards.

As an Islamic symbol, the stars and crescent are represented as acceptance towards almighty and belief in god all over the world. People of Muslim culture believe the star and moon as the symbol of trust in the supreme power. This belief is decorated in Muslim wedding cards which are recognized as faith in God to successfully complete the ceremony.

The Bismillah symbol implies blessing, adoration, and support from God. The symbol is accepted as the true spirit of holy Quran. This delightful symbol denotes the name of Allah and is a beautiful vigilant between the almighty God and its establishments. This is the reason why the bismillah symbol is designed on the Muslim marriage cards.

The Muslim community uses Allah symbol to signify god. In the culture of Islam, this symbol is of great importance and it denotes faith, purity, and blessing. For the purpose of creating the ceremony holy and divine, this symbol is published on Muslim wedding cards. People believe that groom and bride will have best of understanding, love, and happiness if the Allah symbol is placed on wedding cards. If you are the one who is in search of beautiful designs and features for the marriage cards then you are the right place.

Usually, the Islamic wedding cards are made with the colors preferred in the culture like gold, green, red and cream. These colors are given weight-age in the Islamic tradition. As per the belief of people, cream notifies purity in heart and mind. Green notifies the dedication towards the religion and red notifies fertility.

Lots of Muslim Invitations are published from metallic, handmade, velvet, silk and satin paper. Such types of material give delicacy in appearance. Generally, there is tissue paper covering the invitation card. This makes the card more attractive and charming. Besides all this, roses, Islamic symbols and varieties of floral patterns are commonly seen on the Muslim wedding cards.
Each culture has specific taste and so the marriage invitation cards of each culture are designed uniquely keeping the tradition and customs in mind.

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