Eco-friendly Indian Wedding Card for Daughter’s Reception Goes Viral

Eco-friendly Indian Wedding Card for Daughter’s Reception Goes Viral

Inviting friends, relatives, family members and other loved ones in wedding has been a significant tradition around the world among different communities. People from different religions, communities, and lifestyle play this part of wedding ceremony in their own unique styles. Well, not dragging it too much, today we bring a very interesting Indian wedding invitation cards story to you which is a hot potato nowadays. An Eco Friendly wedding card sent to guests by an MLA from Kerala, India for his daughter’s reception has caught everyone’s eye recently.

This novel idea got stuck into the mind of an Independent MLA from Kerala who is affiliated by LDF, V Abdurahiman. As an environment lover, he decided not to burden it further so he decided to get the invitation printed on handmade recycled paper. In a question about this interesting wedding card idea he said, “We give invitation cards with love but normally, they go to waste as people either burn them or dump them after reading. This is a happy occasion for my daughter and we wanted it to be memorable,”

MLA’s one of the friends from Bengaluru suggested him about the pattern which made him and her daughter keen to implement it for sure. His daughter’s Rizwana Sherin’s interest about such invitations worked as icing on the cake and they finally decided to proceed with that.

This special wedding invitation card is printed on recycled handmade paper which is also embedded with herbs and seeds of flowers. The eco friendly specialty of this card allows the guests to bury it in the soil after reading, and dampen it.It will eventually result in growth of those seeds after some time. A special guidance message written with the card also cached everyone eye which says, “This card is printed on 100% recycled paper embedded with a mix of flower and herb seeds. Moisten card and plant just under the surface of some soil in a sunny spot. Water regularly and wait for the seeds to grow.”

Adding in his comment about the card, the MLA says, “The paper is handmade and 100% recyclable. It is then coated with several varieties of flower and vegetable seeds. It could be brinjal, lady’s finger, tomato or even a marigold flower seed. We screen-printed our wedding invitations on this paper,”

The idea of such beautiful Indian wedding card is unique and special enough to catch anyone’s attention. Let’s spread the news and people know about the grades of Eco friendly cards. Also, don’t forget to give it a try when you need wedding invitation next time. Keep reading for such more stuff

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