Tips for Designing The Eco- Friendly Indian Wedding Cards

Indian Wedding Cards
Indian Wedding Cards

People are gradually turning towards eco-friendly methods. They are adopting solutions in which they can help in saving nature. Choosing the eco-friendly Indian wedding invitations, couples are gradually taking their steps towards conserving nature before embarking upon this beautiful journey. Here are some tips in which you can contribute your little by adopting ecofriendly Indian Wedding Invites.

  • Recycled Paper for Eco-Friendly Indian Wedding Cards

If you are not going with e-invites, you just can’t completely dismiss the paper from your Indian wedding cards. So the best way is to use the paper which is composed of recyclable content. You can also use the paper made of hemp or bamboo. Their distinctive features bring more artistic flair in your wedding cards. The benefit of using this recycled paper for your wedding invites is that you are utilizing the paper which has already been used. By using recycled paper, you can save more trees from cutting down and hence contributing a little for Mother Nature with Eco-friendly wedding invitations.

Eco Friendly Wedding Cards

  • Consolidated Eco-Friendly Indian Wedding Cards

Your wedding probably constitutes of several functions- Haldi ceremony, Mehendi ceremony, Sangeet, wedding and reception, and several other pre- and post wedding ceremonies. You probably have selected different venues for them and looking for conveying all the information through multiple cards. Don’t do that instead combine all the necessary information into one card. The best option is to go for the e-Indian wedding invites where you don’t need too many papers for your multiple cards. You can use your artistry and can work it all with eco-friendly wedding invites.

  • Printing Alternatives for Eco-Friendly Indian Wedding Cards

For printing, there are several other alternatives than the usual ink which is made of harmful chemicals. Couples are choosing soy and vegetable inks for their Indian wedding cards. Most of the times the printer use the traditional ink which is when manufactured leave several pollutants in the air. Choosing the printing alternative with Soy and vegetable ink in your eco-friendly wedding invitation is a little contribution in saving Mother Nature. These inks are completely bio-degradable are also manufactured without affecting environment harmfully.

  • Plantable” Indian Wedding Cards:

The perfect epitome of “eco-friendly”, plan table Indian wedding cards are currently quite trending. Made up of recycled paper and printed using biodegradable inks like soy or vegetable inks, these cards are also laced with some wildflower seeds. Your recipients can easily use them. Paper is the good absorbed of water and hence forms the perfect base for seeds to sprout. As it is porous too, the seeds can get air too quite easily. How beautiful it would be that your wedding cards can be planted and be cherished forever in the backyard or garden of your guest.

Digital Indian wedding invites are also a great alternative for wedding invites. You can easily choose this paperless domain at affordable rates. The best thing is these eco-friendly wedding invites as well as digital Indian wedding cards are as elegant as traditional ones and will totally be the “talk of the town”.

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