Unexpected Wedding Costs Couple Often Forget to Add in Budget

Unexpected Wedding Costs Couple Often Forget to Add in Budget

“Wedding” this single word contains lots of emotions in the heart. This is one of the most emotional decisions for an adult. A couple prepares before months to make this day successful. As we all know wedding takes longtime for planning and preparation. Planning for a wedding venue, dresses, decoration,Indian wedding invitation cards and the main thing associated with it is budget. As this is the most special day in one’s life, people want to make it grand and successful.

As this occasion is celebrated on a grand level, there are lots of expense is involved to make it lavish, and it needs a big fat budget too. We include things and essentials in the wedding according to our budget and finances. The luxury and lavishness come from money and maintaining a budget. But according to some wedding experts all across the world, the bride and groom often forget some unexpected wedding costs for the budget. When the couple started planning for their wedding budget, they can forget to add extra splurges like gifts for bridesmaids, expenses for a bachelor party, bridal make-up, beauty treatments and more. let’s start with pre-wedding costs:

Inviting bridesmaids in a special way

A bridesmaid is the best friend of a bride. She prepares everything and helps her with a lot of tasks. So everyone would-be bride should especially invite her. Inviting bridesmaids to your wedding is not an easy task. Asking your near and dear ones to join you for the wedding as bridesmaids take some extra effort. It can’t be done in simple call or text or girls’ night out. You need to do something extra like creative cards, personalized gifts, taking them out for lunch or dinner and more. keep in mind such things count and those little things can add up.

Beauty treatments:

We know, you have already planned for the beauty treatments and hairstyling. But it may take one or more trials to make you comfortable for your special day. Keep in mind you, you need pre-wedding beauty treatments too, you can also look for the deals if you are looking for the expensive treatments. Pre-wedding beauty treatments are more expensive than makeup. In today’s polluted environment, everyone has skin problems like tanning, acne, skin dryness, etc. so beautician creates a special treatment package to heal your skin and it might be quite expensive.

Your bachelor party

Bachelor parties are in trends now, girls are planning their parties on wedding trips, beach parties, night outs, weekend getaways. Many brides end up paying for their own airfare and hotel bills. You will have fun with your girls wherever you go. Stay close to your home so you can eliminate the travel costs. You can also choose to rent the big house near you and plan crazy and funny activities to make the party more entertaining. You can lose lots of money on alcohol at your bachelor party. People order lots of expensive wines, champagnes and other alchoholic cocktail drinks at their bachelor party.

Marriage licenses

Make your special day legal, the couple often forget to add marriage license costing to their budget. It can cost you 20$ to 100$ depending on where you are getting married. In some states, you can’t collect the copy of your license automatically, you also need to pay some extra bucks for it too.


When you choose your invitation cards, be careful about its weight. Because as much as it weighs, the more amount will be added to your budget. You need to pay extra for postage stamps and courier weight.

We often miss such things while preparing the budget for the wedding.

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