Different Ceremonies of Muslim Wedding

Different Ceremonies of Muslim Wedding

Muslim weddings like their culture are grand and distinctively alluring in their own ways. With so much to behold, here we have described the important Muslim wedding ceremonies. As rich as the Islamic culture, the bride and the couple can choose the extensive designs of their Indian wedding cards from the leading designers. 

Pre-wedding ceremonies:


It is none other than the engagement ceremony wherein the bride and the groom exchange the rings. It is called by the name “mangni” as per Indian traditions. After the ring exchange, the families exchange their gifts as well. You can find a mention of it in Indian wedding cards.


You probably are aware of the “Haldi ceremony” which is quite popular and easily witnessed in Hindu Weddings. It is one popular pre-wedding ceremony and you find a special mention of it in Muslim wedding invitations. The bride-to-be wears the beautiful yellow attire to get all smeared in Haldi (turmeric paste) which is sent by her to-be in-laws. The ceremony is nothing less than a gala where you can find people dancing singing and wishing for a beautiful future for the couple. It’s after this that the bride and the groom aren’t allowed to meet each other and even step out of their house till the “D-Day”.


As the name suggests, this is the ceremony where the bride’s hands are embellished with beautiful henna designs. Mehendi is considered auspicious and a symbol of joy for all religious ceremonies.


This ceremony is amongst the pre-wedding ceremony and is very special to the bride. She gets the jewellery and her bridal attire from the groom’s family to be worn on for the D-day. These gifts which are sent the bride are known as “Sanchaq” and hence the ceremony is called by it.

Wedding ceremonies


If you have seen some movies with Islamic weddings, you probably know this is the main wedding ceremony for Muslims. The bride and the groom along with their family and a priest sit and the verses from the Holy Quran are read. Then both the bride and the groom are asked whether they take each other as their lawfully wedded partner. As they agree, they sign the contract that binds them in the beautiful relationship of marriage. The Muslim wedding cards have the very special mention of Nikah ceremony which you surely don’t want to miss.

Arsi Musaf

This ceremony is quite interesting and is ingenious to Islamic culture. After the Nikah ceremony, the bride and the groom sit next to each other while their heads are covered with the veil. As per this ceremony, they are then allowed to see each other through a mirror which is placed between them. Isn’t this ceremony interestingly romantic?

Post wedding ceremonies


Followed by the marriage ceremony, this is a post-wedding ceremony where the bride bids the farewell to her family and follows the groom to start a new life together. The interesting thing as she is welcomed in her new house, she is gifted with the Holy Quran by the groom’s mother. This is given as for a prosperous and blessed future.


It’s like the wedding feast or the grand reception wherein the wedding is celebrated and you are served with some sumptuous delicacies. All the friends and the family get together to wish the happy married life to the couple.

These are the different ceremonies of a Muslim wedding. Now you don’t have to ask everything from the bride or the groom. You can enjoy every bit of the wedding.

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