Current and Future Trends in Indian Wedding Card

Current and Future Trends in Indian Wedding Card

Invitation card plays significant role in marriage. It conveys information about event to guests and it is a way to request their kind presence. Among the various options available, many couples select Indian wedding card. Conventional invitation has gone through various changes and evolved with time. Couples plan everything in the marriage and they usually have a clear idea about the look of the invitations. They are employing new ideas in marriage cards nowadays, therefore these are getting more creative and interesting day by day. Some current and future trends in Indian wedding cards are mentioned below.

The traditional Indian wedding card comes in gold and maroon colors, but couples are moving away from these and they are using uncommon color palettes. They choose colors according to the theme and use of contrast colors is in trend these days. Printing styles can make an  invitation card unique. The wedding cards from India are printed in different styles such as thermography, letterpress etcetera. Couples are now using more than one style in their invitations. The uncommon methods such as embossing, foil printing, silk lamination, and silk screening are gaining popularity these days.

Many couples are personalizing Indian wedding invitations. They get monograms printed with their initials and use it with all marriages stationary. They are also emphasizing on fonts and selecting these according to the wedding theme. Some couples select simple paper of high quality and decorate it with matching rhinestones. In old time, standard sized envelopes were used, but now, they are using varied sized envelopes. The plain paper sizes are also getting out of trends nowadays. Use of pop out, three dimensional, and dye cut cards is gaining popularity. When they buy wedding cards, they take advices from designers about the right kind of paper material which can support chosen printing style.

Well, trends keep changing with the time in Indian wedding card. Some current and possible future trends are mentioned above which you can use in your invitations.

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