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Tips for Selecting the Perfect Marriage Invitation Card

You already have saved your wedding dates 6-8 months in prior. The preparations are on the peak. The dress, the jewelry, the guest list, everything is sorted. But what about the wedding invites? They are the first connotation of your special day sent to family and friends to let them save their dates too. Choosing the perfect Indian wedding card is a tough process too.

Well, making it easy for you, here are few tips.

Wedding Cards

  1. Your Wedding Card Should Define the Style of Your Wedding

Wedding card not only lists the date time and venue of the ceremony, but it also hints out the theme and the wedding style too. You should be aware of the theme of your wedding like it’s all casual and relaxed or something that is regal and eloquent or you are going with classic and elegant. Before proceeding with the selection of design of your wedding card, list down the wedding theme to your Indian wedding cards designer. Later proceed on with browsing through several designs of the same genre and choose your pick.

  1. The Lure of Colors in Indian Wedding Cards

This time too you have to be versed in all the colors of your wedding. Incorporate the same hues in your wedding invites. You have to choose the pairings, the color of the paper and the color of the font as well. Bold colors like black or red go well with light pastel sheets. You can choose the metallic fonts adorned with motifs too. Consider the visual impact and the readability while choosing the colors of your Indian wedding card.

  1. The Message of the Indian Wedding Cards is no Less Important

Undoubtedly it is one of the elements that are given the utmost attention. The content of the wedding card matters the most. Along with the message you should consider the layout of your wedding invite too. It should be readable and the important information of the ceremony should be specific and clear. You can add a personal flair with a little note at the bottom

  1. The Material of the Wedding Invites

While selecting the wedding invite, give the utmost consideration to the material which is used to print the Indian wedding cards. You can choose the paper with a medium weight so that it can be easily folded or molded and still doesn’t end up too thick. But be considerate to not choose the paper that is too thin. If your wedding invites consist of a single paper and to top of it on a thin single paper, it will look nothing less a complete ramshackle.

  1. Envelopes are Substantial Too

Another important tip is to consider the design and the material of the envelope of the wedding invite too. Its color can either be the same or complements well with the color of the invite. Also be considerate of its material too. The material should not be too thin as it wouldn’t look good if all the content of your wedding invite is easily recognizable through the envelope.

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