Common Mistakes Couple make When Planning the Wedding and the Tips to Avoid Them

Common Mistakes Couple make When Planning the Wedding and the Tips to Avoid Them

Every couple plans a lot for their Wedding which is no less than the most beautiful events in their life. Even with so much planning, it is very easy to step into a few pitfalls through this.

For this post we are discussing common mistakes couples make when they plan for their “D-Day” along with the tips to avoid them:

Money wasting

We know when it comes to the wedding; people get a bit of spendthrift. Everyone dreams of this beautiful event for so long that when it finally happens, we try to make sure that nothing lacks.

Also, don’t forget the vendors as they will just advise you and make more and more profit from you. It goes like that since forever. Hence you need to be considerate and careful. Make sure you are not spending money where you don’t need to. It can be over the expensive bridal outfit and jewelry or over having a luxury car at your wedding and reception when you’re at the same location.

Overlooking the wedding ceremony

Some of you might get, “WHAT” as of how can one overlook the wedding ceremony at the wedding. But there are many couples who just focus on the reception without forgetting that it’s the wedding ceremony which is the main event. Reception is just celebrating this unison. So make sure you don’t fall in the pitfall without giving enough thought for the wedding ceremony. Make sure you have the right seating arrangement, music, readings and everything else. You want to make sure that you cherish these moments forever as it is then when you say your vows and tie the knot officially.

A wedding without any personality

Yes, there are times when you go to a wedding which is devoid of the personalities of the couple. It’s not necessary to have a theme wedding but a lack of personality at the wedding makes it one of the many gala events, nothing special or more than that. Do a little research and unfold your creativity to add unique charms to your wedding. For such an important day of your life, make sure you plan something that reflects your life.

Not having a back-up plan

It could never rain on my wedding day”, “what’s the need of emergency bridal kit”, these are some of the common thoughts couple have. That’s where they forget to plan for the things that might go wrong. Therefore you always need to have a contingency plan. For instance, you need to ask your vendor to make the necessary arrangements as in an alternate location if there is rain. You can even have your bridal emergency kit for any last-minute touch-ups and snafus.

Without indulging your better half

We are living in the 21st century. So don’t let the fact be just delegated to the bride. You both are getting married and hence you both should take active and equal participation in wedding planning. Take out some time to talk about the new ideas, make pointers based on research together, accordingly you can set wedding related goals and even keep a track on them. You are about to start this new journey together; so, include your better half in anything and everything.

In the end, don’t let yourself bogged down over little details and later regretting not spending enough time on what’s really important. Breathe and relax, the accidents or any mishappening tend to become the funniest and cherished memories of the wedding.

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